Main Topics

These are the things I write about:


Anything to do with blogging, bloggers events, that kind of thing.


Making things with the kids, doing my Smashbook/scrapbook activities. Anything crafty basically.


Anything to do with my family.


Anything that doesn’t have a category

Health & Fitness

Anything to do with health, fitness, exercise, weight loss….

Mental Health

Anything on the subject of mental health issues – depression, anxiety, bipolar.


Poetry I’ve written.

Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Any reviews I’ve written or sponsored posts which I’ve been paid to publish.


Any posts related to my recent separation from my husband of 15.5 years (together 20).

Travel, Activities and Days out

What it says on the box really. Travel – including travel abroad or in UK. Days out with the kids. Fun activities. Stuff like that.


Anything to do with work

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