Will I let anyone love me

I’ve been thinking a lot today. Too much probably. I have a date on Thursday and (from chatting online and talking on the phone once last night) I really like this guy and I want it to go well. However, I keep messing up and saying things which I think could make him see me Read More →

Feeling good – week off with kids, Brighton Pride and a holiday coming up


I’m feeling good. I had a week off with the kids a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. On Monday we went ice skating. On Tuesday we stayed in as my currency was being delivered. So we stayed in and did plasticine modelling. Wednesday I took them to the cinema to see the Read More →

A week off with the kids & update on flea infestation


Today is day 3 of my week off with the kids. I had some holiday left for this year and figured it would be nice to spend a week chilling and doing fun stuff with the kids. It’s been really good so far. On Monday I took them ice skating, which was a challenge, them Read More →

On Writing

Something I have always wanted to do is write. I wrote poetry from a young age and continued into my 20’s. I have been writing this blog for nearly 4 years and in more recent years I have felt like one day I would like to write a book. After being inspired by a couple Read More →

Feeling pretty disheartened after #Britmumslive #bml16


reposting this as it got lost in the migration to new hosting. Will try to upload photos again soon I’m back from BritMums live. I remember in previous years I would have a post-BritMums Live downer. But that was because I’d had a fabulous time, had come back with some pretty cool goodies and come Read More →

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