Feeling so much better

I seem to have turned a bit of a corner. When you are deep in depression or sadness or grief, it doesn’t feel like it will ever end. Life will be like this forever, but it really won’t.  On Thursday it seemed like the sadness lifted. I’ve been focussed on practicing guitar all week because Read More →


I’ve been told by several people that I’m grieving. That getting over a breakup – particularly of a relationship as long as 20 years – is a grieving process and I’ve found that very much to be true. It makes me angry that I’m still going through all these emotions nearly a year and a Read More →

Need to be kinder to myself

I’m just sitting here having devoured half a box of chocolates at my desk. I’ve got all the usual thoughts going through my mind which have replaced the thoughts I was having while I was buying and eating the chocolates (“I need these”, “I’ve been having a hard time, I deserve a treat”). The new Read More →

Things to mention to the doctor

Divorce came through and hit me hard Near constant crying Feeling tired Unable to get to sleep Very difficult to get out of bed Losing interest in activities Ask: delayed reaction to separation/staying strong for so long??? Day dreaming about walking in front of a bus Show her my previous post 

How I feel

Everything is an effort Nothing is worth anything My arms and legs feel so tired Getting out of bed is HARD Life is monotonous Nothing good will happen I will be alone forever I’m stuck in this flat with no garden, no space, kids squashed together in the same room There is never enough money Read More →

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