I’m tired

I’m tired of feeling like I’ve been used, and abused and tossed aside, of feeling rejected, of feeling like I’m a second class parent (all insecurities from my own mind, I should add, not things that Ben or anyone else has “made” me feel). I’m tired of battling traffic every day. I’m tired of feeling Read More →

Kids first night here & more unpacking


So, I’ve been here since Wednesday night. This is my third night here and the kids are here for their first night.  I’m pretty pleased with how they reacted. They both seemed to really like it. It really helped that my dad had been round to the house during the day to take apart their Read More →

I’ve moved in


Well, I’ve done it. I’ve moved in. I got most of the last of my stuff this evening and filled up my car and Ben’s car. He helped me unload it and then left me to it (at my request).  I did a bit of unpacking in the bedroom and then made myself some dinner Read More →

Moving tomorrow

I’ve brought forward my move date to tomorrow. I don’t know if I already mentioned this, but it makes sense as I’m having the kids friday night and I really need more time before then to unpack things and make it more like home. So tonight we have been moving in my big (and extremely Read More →

Home Sweet Home


We arrived back this morning. Please bear with me while I upload the pics from LA and Whale Watching. Still a few last things to add. I was so tired when we got back. The kids got settled playing with their long-missed toys and watching their new favourite channel Cartoon Network (I hate it personally Read More →

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