First date / Full of cold


I went on a date last night. It was ok, we chatted about lots of things, but for me there was no spark and it showed me that I’m just not ready. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon. I think I need to be away from men. I don’t know Read More →

First night at my parents

So last night I had dinner at home with Ben and Bella – a third of a quiche and some peas and mushrooms – and watched some TV.  Then I got my things – already packed up and drove to my parents’ house. I had a chat with my dad over a coffee (decaf) and Read More →

Last night at home – trying not to feel sad


I’ve just been in to check on the kids and give them a kiss on the forehead (for Lala) and a stroke of the cheek (for Joshua because I can’t reach him to kiss him in the top bunk). I have had a glass or three of bubbly tonight because it was such a stressful Read More →

Thinking about the future

I’m lying in bed thinking about the future and trying not to be scared. What scares me? Being on my own, the great unknown, not knowing if I’ll be on my own forever, if I’ll meet someone – who, when etc…. I’ve been with Ben for more than half my life and while I may Read More →

Move out delayed

My move out date has been delayed by a day due to some paperwork not arriving in the post today.  I have mixed feelings about it really. It means one more night in my own bed. But it also means one more day’s delay on things moving forwards. But at least it was only a Read More →

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