I got a puppy!!!!

So I have some news! And I can tell you now that I’ve told my parents (and introduced him). I have a puppy. About a week ago I saw an advert for a Malshi puppy (half maltese half shitzu) for about half the price of other adverts that I had seen and I was very Read More →

5 Marriage Tips from a Family Law Attorney

This is a collaborative post Marriage is a beautiful union between two people who are in love. It is also a legal agreement recognized by the state. Marriage is a partnership and like any partnership, conflicts may arise and disagreements. That is why to have a family law attorney help guide you through this life Read More →

5 Workouts That You Can Do at Home

This is a collaborative post You want to get in shape and build the perfect body, but you don’t want to spend hours of your time and money on a fancy gym membership? We’re all aware of the negative influence of modern lifestyle on our health which can cause weight gain at a minimum. The Read More →

5 Tips to Removing Urine Odors from Your Carpet

This is a collaborative post Pets are like family and they are always a delight to have around—that is until they urinate on your carpet and it stinks so much that you start to think that maybe having them run around the living room is not a good idea. Plus, you have some friends and Read More →

Why I’m giving up Weight Watchers

Well, apart from the obvious reason which is that I’m paying for it but not doing it, there are other reasons too. I should probably start by saying that there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers. I have done it many times and lost weight in the process. However, I’ve also done it many other Read More →

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