How I feel

Everything is an effort Nothing is worth anything My arms and legs feel so tired Getting out of bed is HARD Life is monotonous Nothing good will happen I will be alone forever I’m stuck in this flat with no garden, no space, kids squashed together in the same room There is never enough money Read More →

Got the blues

I can’t seem to shake the sadness I’m feeling right now.  Maybe it’s the divorce, maybe it’s that I’ve quit smoking and that kind of feels like the end of an era – the end of the thing that would get me through tough or stressful times. Maybe it’s that I’m lonely. All around me Read More →

Home licking my wounds

I’m having a quiet night in tonight. Licking my wounds which involves watching TV and going to bed early (and probably some crying).  Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t go backwards. I clearly wasn’t happy in that marriage and in the end neither of us were which is why it didn’t work.  But being on Read More →

I am divorced

My divorce came through yesterday. Ben messaged me to tell me as he received his copy in the post and didn’t want me to get a shock when I went home but I have to say finding out via text at work wasn’t the best way to find out. It’s really hit me. I know Read More →

Heartbreak doesn’t stop

Heartbreak doesn’t stop. Just because you’ve got a new place to live or new friends or a new job. Heartbreak doesn’t stop. Just because you lose some weight and go on a few dates. Just because you think you have accepted the way things are. Heartbreak doesn’t stop. Just because you get used to being Read More →

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