Being a single parent at Christmas

Being a single parent at Christmas is hard. Hell, being single at Christmas generally is hard. But as a parent, seeing all the Christmas advertisements involving families together┬ácan sometimes feel like a knife in the gut. I love how excited my kids get about Christmas, but it makes me very sad that I have┬áno-one to Read More →

Getting Focussed


Yesterday was a particularly unfocussed day. I felt like I achieved nothing (although I did go to see the Citizens Advice Bureau and meet my best friend for coffee and some shopping). By the evening, my head was fizzing out of control with all the things I have to do. I had written list after Read More →

I am a Writer & it’s time I started acting like it @jeffgoins #youareawriter

I was let go from my job on Monday of the week just gone. I wasn’t entirely expecting it but I wasn’t entirely NOT expecting it either. I was taken into the conference room as soon as I arrived into work (my first day back after 2 weeks off sick due to stress and depression Read More →

The Death of my Marriage

I’ve just got back from a writing group that I found in a local internet search. It was very interesting. This is something I wrote there: My marriage died and I am in mourning Once it breathed and lived but then One day, it took its last laboured breath, shuddered and passed into the next Read More →

How do you find a balance with your ex when you have children together?

Really. I’d like to know. I think I have been pretty damn accommodating since we split up. I won’t go into all the reasons why. The people who know me and have been around through this whole thing will agree that I have. Perhaps too much so, but it suited me to be that way. Read More →

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