Healthy Mind / Healthy Body


The importance of a good night’s sleep We all know how hard modern life can be. If it’s not money worries, then it’s family issues that can make everything such a grind. And the long, cold and dark winter nights really don’t help either! But the one thing that I find can cure most of Read More →

Torturing myself

Why do I do it? I was on my own today as Ben had taken the kids out and I was packing bits and pieces from around the house and I was looking for packing tape or any kind of tape to secure the things I’d wrapped up so I went into Ben’s office to Read More →

Things I’m looking forward to

In an effort to try to be more positive (having been rather maudlin the last few days), I have decided to write down a list of things I’m looking forward to: Viewing my flat for the second time to measure up and take photos (this afternoon at 2pm) Getting an exchange/completion date – hopefully in Read More →

It’s not about porridge

Had a row with Ben this morning and ended up in tears. Great start to the day. The row was over porridge. I was going to make myself some but Ben had already started making it. We argued over what milk to use – semi or full fat and he wanted to measure the oats Read More →

I’ve just been to the gym


I’ve just been to the gym. I made a bit of a snap decision this evening before leaving work. I decided that it was time to get myself fit. I lost about half a stone after Ben told me that he wanted to split up and I have just about managed to keep it off Read More →

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