Small steps and mini obsessions

This week I have been getting a little bit obsessed with little things. Earlier on in the week it was with organising my Evernote account. Honestly, I use it for keeping absolutely everything but lately I have felt like it was more of a dumping ground than a place I could usefully keep stuff. So Read More →

Some thoughts on my first week and a half on Quetiapine

So I’ve been on Quetiapine for a week and a half. That means no alcohol for that long. And I stopped taking Citalopram last Friday too. So I guess my body is probably a bit all over the place. On the whole, it’s not been too bad. The first week on Quetiapine I had to Read More →

Beefeater Grill – Mr Man and Little Miss Review @BeefeaterGrill #BGMrMen


The last week or so I have many things on my mind – coming off my current medication and the prospect of starting a new medication. So my many apologies to the organisers of this wonderful event that we were so lucky to be invited to go to. The event was in Guildford at the Read More →

Not scared anymore

Things are not great. But they are better. I’m in a job where I have been completely honest about my illness. I’ve been able to work from home while I get used to my new meds. I feel in a really good place where work is concerned. I like my work and I really like Read More →

New Start. New Medication

It’s 10.30pm. I had my last glass of wine. Ok it was more like a glass and a half – well I had to finish the bottle, didn’t i? Thank god I can carry on smoking, that’s all I can say. I’m having one now. Before I head up to bed to take my first Read More →

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