A rather self-indulgent poem about depression

I’m in a hole I’m trying to get out I’m sinking lower day by day I’m empty within and empty without Why do I feel so worthless Why do I feel so cold I feel like I am hollow¬† Like my soul has been sold Nothing holds my interest Nothing burns my fire Empty of Read More →

General update

Its Friday morning of the Easter Weekend. I haven’t blogged since my Prague Trip post, which because of the length of it (with all the pictures) messed up the format of my blog – too tired to figure out how to fix it! It happened before with my Glastonbury posts. Maybe I should just split Read More →

Surprise trip to Prague

This is a little diary blog post entry of our weekend in Prague that my lovely husband booked as a surprise for me for HIS birthday (I guess also an unintended Mothers Day gift). Friday 28th March – in Airport Lounge My sneaky naughty husband has booked a weekend trip to Prague. We were on Read More →

Earlier and later today

Earlier today. I’m at risk of being a real moaner here but sod it, this is my blog-party and I’ll cry if I want to. I feel so unmotivated. Unmotivated at work and unmotivated to do anything unwork-related. I think I should probably go out at lunchtime but I also feel unmotivated to do anything. Read More →


How is it possible to feel so unwanted and abandoned. Its illogical I know. I run the risk of my work colleagues reading this as some of them now know about my blog, and thinking I’m even more of a loon than they already think I am. I know I’ll get over it. but right Read More →

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