Why I’ve handed my notice in without anywhere else to go

So I had an interview yesterday and I haven’t yet updated you on how it went. It went really really well. Got a really good feel for the job (something that is much more me) and the people who all seemed really nice – not that the people where I am aren’t nice, but they Read More →

Job interview tomorrow

So I’ve handed my notice in at work – more about that later.  But I have an interview tomorrow. For a really good job. One that I feel very excited about.  I had a phone interview with them on Friday and they wanted to see me back in person this time. So it is tomorrow Read More →

Valentines Day – do I care?


So Valentines day is nearly upon us. I am definitely not feeling as down about it as I was last year. Last year, it was a bit of a washout. I was still living with my ex at that point in a pretty difficult situation. The separation was still very raw and it felt incredibly Read More →

Feeling content to be on my own

Just a quick one before I go to bed. I’m snuggling into my duvet (typing this on the iPad) feeling all cozy and warm, and it occurred to me.  I’m okay being on my own. In fact, I quite like it.  I can do what I want when I want. I can have a quiet Read More →

A new blogging direction

After feedback from one of my readers, I have made a decision. I am no longer going to be accepting sponsored posts or things to review. At least not for the next few weeks. I appreciate that most of my readers have followed me because they like to know what’s going on in my life, Read More →

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