I’m definitely not super-mum, but I’m doing my best

Lately, I have felt a little bit blocked when it comes to writing. I’ve worried that anything I say might be taken against me and used somehow to either just generally judge me, or worse, by certain parties. But after a long chat with a friend of mine who also writes, I’ve decided that I Read More →

Christmas/New year

Well, Christmas is over and the New Year is about to begin. I’m kind of glad Christmas is over. It wasn’t exactly bad. I didn’t have my kids on Christmas day and I was sad about that – at least on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but then I went to my parents for lunch Read More →

The Top 3 Things That You Need When You Build a Home Gym

This is a collaborative post Having a home gym is very convenient. This is because you can train at your own leisure.  You can even train in your pajamas because you are all by yourself. Moreover, you don’t have to waste time commuting or driving to your local gym or waiting for a class to Read More →

4 Tips to shopping for a new bag

This is a collaborative post Whether you are looking to purchase a new bag for travel, everyday look, or as a gift for someone, it is important that you consider several things before you go buy this accessory. While you can choose any bag to your liking, you should also see a handful of things Read More →

Wishing hoping waiting

I’m so tired at the moment. I’m in danger of having a mood slump because of it. I’m working 3 jobs (Virtual Assistant business, care home job and face painting business) and helping to run a networking group. I did a late last night and am on one again tonight (at the care home) and Read More →

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