Holidaying without children

There has been some research by My Voucher Codes recently that says that 22% of parents would like to go on holiday without their kids. I actually think it is a lot more but that most wouldn’t say so. Lets face it, all of us parents day dream about those pre-children holidays where you could do what you Read More →

Book Review: Rufus Goes to School by Kim T Griswell


This is a great little book about a pig who desperately wants to go to school. The illustrations are beautifully done and the story is delightful. Poor Rufus goes to school each day to see the Principal and each day he is turned away because he doesn’t have the right things. Each day he comes Read More →

It’s all come back and I’m feeling crap

I’ve been feeling so calm and positive recently, especially with everything going so well at the festival…. But something has set me off again and I’m back to feeling so crappy about everything. I don’t want to go into talking about Ben and Bella’s relationship as I have really felt like I’ve come to terms Read More →

Green’s Chocolate Fondant Mix Review


I was recently sent a packet of Green’s Chocolate Fondant Mix to review. See below – the box got a bit battered in transit: You can see their press release here: Green’s Launches Four Indulgent Easy to Make Desserts Final and here is their full range:                         Read More →

International Day of Friendship


International Day of Friendship is coming up on the 31st and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the role of friends in our lives. Friends are SO important in our lives. Supportive friendships can go so far in getting us through difficult times. As you know if you read my blog, I Read More →

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