Wishing hoping waiting

I’m so tired at the moment. I’m in danger of having a mood slump because of it. I’m working 3 jobs (Virtual Assistant business, care home job and face painting business) and helping to run a networking group. I did a late last night and am on one again tonight (at the care home) and Read More →

Just been voted 3rd in the Top 10 UK #MentalHealth blogs @Vuelio

Wow. What an honour. Not one I entirely feel I deserve at the moment as lately I’ve been too damn busy to write in this blog. And I apologise for the last few sponsored posts (I shouldn’t really apologise though should I as it’s helping to pay the bills). So, I thought my lovely readers Read More →

4 Health supplements myths dispelled

This is a collaborative post Taking vitamins and supplements has been a way that people have chosen to improve their health and wellbeing with limited effort while maintaining a budget. Investing in supplements can help with one’s sleep, diet, energy, hair, and even their ability to conceive a child. There are many uses for supplements Read More →

5 Tips to Selecting an MMA School for Your Teenage Child

This is a collaborative post Every parent wants their child to learn MMA, or Mixed Martial Art, because it keeps them engaged after school. Besides that, the students are taught how to defend themselves against aggression of any kind. On the other hand, selecting a MMA school can be a daunting task for parents who Read More →

Is it possible to keep hold of mutual friends after a split?

It’s been nearly 3 years since I split up from my husband and a lot has changed since it all happened. At first I had these ideas of how things would be going forward, but as the time has gone on, my attitude has changed. For example, when we first split up, I insisted on Read More →

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