Stratford upon Avon visit with @ShakespeareBT

We were invited by the lovely people at Shakespeare’s Birth Place Trust to come to Stratford Upon Avon and visit the properties/museums there. They were kind enough to provide a room at the Premier Inn Stratford and so we came down last week on the Wednesday, did a day of visiting the first two sites Read More →

Intriguing reasons to visit Liverpool while on your UK trip

This is a collaborative post There are many who have got the reaction of people scrunching their nose and asking why on earth they chose that destination when they said about their plans of visiting Liverpool, England. People get stumped and worried with such reactions before going to a place. But this is Liverpool, the Read More →

5 Things to look for when hiring a solicitor

This is a collaborative post Perhaps you are going through a divorce, experiencing bankruptcy, selling a house, or have recently been in a bad accident. When choosing a solicitor there is much that one should consider. If you are in need of a solicitor this article will provide some helpful tips on what to look Read More →

5 Tips to finding the right attorney for your needs

This is a collaborative post Whether you like it or not there will be a time when you will be requiring the services of a lawyer. In our society where we are governed by a set of laws, it is only through the help of expert lawyers that we can protect ourselves legally and know Read More →

All settled in my new home

Well, I’ve been here a week and I’m loving it. The kids arrived on Friday and they are loving it too. It is just so nice to have some outside space. I’ve been making the most of the garden. If its dry, I have breakfast out there, I sit out there as often as I Read More →

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