On the 7th December 2014, my marriage of 15 and a half years (20 years together) ended. The thing that prompted the breakup (while not by any means the only factor, still a major factor) is that my husband fell for our au-pair. I wrote my very first post on the breakup here: My Marriage is Over Part 1 and then I wrote My Marriage is Over – Part 2: I’m okay. I shared an album that I had put together of our life together up until that point. I wrote about telling the children about our separation and about our mediation appointment.

In the March after the breakup we went on holiday to drive Route 66: me, him and the kids. You can see all those posts here.

I wrote more thoughts on our separation and my thoughts on moving and I’ve written twice about how to get past the bitterness – first here, and then, more recently, here. A have also written on the guilt that I have felt following our separation. While my depression has mostly been under control due to the medication that I’ve been on, I have had some very low days. I wrote Hit a new low, I wrote about struggling while my ex was at a festival, and I wrote about how sometimes you are feeling fine and then out of the blue it hits you again! And obviously I miss the children terribly sometimes when they are with their dad.

It has been hard, but it’s not all bad though. I have written about the things I was looking forward to, 20 things I wouldn’t miss about my ex, I wrote my Newly Single Girl’s To Do List, and about getting my flat, new bedding and getting a new tattoo, and again on getting my flat, I took my readers on a walk around my new flat, and wrote on my musings on the future, on feeling bouyed up after spending quality time with friends, and finally about how I won’t settle again (in love – next time).

I later wrote about our New Family Setup – the first time I had talked about the fact that my husband left me for our au-pair.

More recently I have written about my divorce coming through, about my feelings of grief, about how I felt about our divorce coming through & my ex’s impending wedding and then about how low I actually got when my ex re-married – it actually took me by surprise.

All of this is very depressing but (not on the subject of divorce really) just to prove there is life after divorce, I wrote about my decision to take my writing seriously and also about how much I’m enjoying being a health care assistant.

You can find all of my posts on the subject of separation and divorce here.