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Came clean at work today about depression

I came clean at work today about why I’d been off the last few days and why I haven’t been on my game lately.   Will say more about it later as I’m tired and it’s last my bedtime but it feels ok that it’s out in the open. One of the other PMs who I Read More →

Money update 3

I'm sitting in the cafe at Sainsbury's just trying to spend my lunch break out of the office instead of sitting at my desk. As it is now a new week, try I have £40 for the week. Which I'm going to divide up by day. I also managed to get through the weekend with Read More →

Quick Hello from me @maxandmummyblog @nuffieldhealth

I’ve not posted in a while and that makes me feel guilty. Also I should really be studying right now so I’m procrastinating by doing something other than the thing I really should be doing. I’m studying (or should be) for my Prince 2 Practitioner course (project management training) which I am sitting at the Read More →


We just had a quiz at work. Its nearly xmas. And I love working here. We had such a giggle upstairs doing the quiz. I got a bit competitive about winning, but then didn’t even come in the top 3. I got back to my desk and suddenly feel a huge slump in mood. I Read More →

Another busy week at work and other news

Well, its the end of another busy week at work. Still really enjoying it. Worked until late Wednesday night to finish something off and then worked from home Thursday. Which was a lovely treat – even though I barely left my screen from 9.30am until 6pm (I had a late night so felt I deserved Read More →

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