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Our new family setup – the whole truth

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Thinking about things and feeling guilty

I’m sat in my old house, now my ex husband’s house, thinking.  It’s his turn to have the children but I go round after work to see them everyday. He’s currently picking them up from our friend/childminder so the house is empty.  I had a chat with him earlier about this. About whether it is Read More →

Listening to Counting Crows

I’ve had enough now. I’m tired. I’m fed up of living out of a suitcase and packing up every day or every few days. I’m longing to get dressed from clothes out of a wardrobe. To not eat from roadside restaurants. To sleep in my own bed, not next to one of or both of Read More →

Route 66 Trip – Some thoughts (Wednesday 1st April)

I know that a lot of my posts on this trip have mainly been photo posts only and that is because it is pretty time-consuming to upload all of the photos – a lot of times the uploads fail and I have to repost them one by one. So it doesn’t leave me much time Read More →

Thoughts on splitting up with my husband of 15 years

After our Ikea trip and many discussions about our impending USA Trip, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and mulling over our impending separation. I mean, I know technically we are separated but we are spending a lot of time together as I’m over there packing, I often eat round there, we are shopping Read More →

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