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How to survive Route 66 Road Trip with your ex & two small children

The idea was to write a book about this but if I’m honest when I’m done with this trip, amazing as it has been, I think I’ll want to move on (and out) with my life and not look back too much.  However, here are a few do’s and don’ts that I have learned along Read More →

Los Angeles

                   Beach!                           LA/Santa Monica                                      

Whale Watching with Newport Landing

I have to apologise for the amount of time it has taken for me to write up this post. I wanted to actually write something instead of just doing a post of pictures because the lovely Lisa from Newport Landing / Newport Whales was kind enough to give us a decent discount on our trip. Read More →

Wednesday 8th April: Death Valley to Los Angeles

                  Bottle Ranch                                                        On the road                                                              

Listening to Counting Crows

I’ve had enough now. I’m tired. I’m fed up of living out of a suitcase and packing up every day or every few days. I’m longing to get dressed from clothes out of a wardrobe. To not eat from roadside restaurants. To sleep in my own bed, not next to one of or both of Read More →

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