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Bored but still overwhelmed

Man, I’m bored. Not sure any level of boredom could top this one. Today I am tasked with updating all the trackers for the people I support and it is mindless checking between the data in one spreadsheet and, if not accurate, typing the values into the other spreadsheet. x about 12 people. But each Read More →


So much to do. Kids aren’t even asleep yet. Flies keep buzzing around my head when I’m TRYING to relax. I need to study my course. I need to write blog posts (this one doesn’t count as its for the purpose of venting), I need to schedule posts for pbloggers and also write some blog Read More →


I’m feeling stagnant. Bored. Uninterested and uninteresting. Pale, colourless, dull. I have no enthusiasm for my work and I feel like who would employ me (although clearly some companies would consider it as I have an interview tomorrow – but what are the chances of me getting it? Well, 1 out of 3 I suppose Read More →

Why I want to hand in my notice

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Other people’s opinions

I am all for constructive criticism. Actually I’m not. Keep your opinions to yourself. No, seriously though, I am happy to have a conversation and to have some gentle suggestions about some things I could be doing – like today both nursery and my mum have mentioned that a lot of Joshua’s clothes are too Read More →

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