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Weekends @pbloggers

Does anyone else find weekends exhausting? I’m at that point where if I hear one more whiney voice I might scream. I guess I’m not a natural mother, or I’m just struggling at the moment but either way, I’m really glad it’s Monday again tomorrow and I can get back to some form of order. Read More →

Update from doctors

I’ve had a call from the doctor today and now I know a little bit more of what is going on. They can’t confirm at this point whether I have bipolar 2 or just a combination of depression and anxiety that behaves in a similar way to bipolar – at least from my symptoms. They Read More →


Last night I got very upset. Bella was out at a friends house who is a mum at the school and I suddenly realised that Daisy would probably be there too and for some reason even though I hadn’t minded before I felt very left out. I felt paranoid, I kept thinking that they would Read More →

Saturday 25th October

Free On The Internet Session. Absolute An0nymity Today has been tough. Up and down like a yoyo. Exhausted, tearful, feeling like the stress of dealing with small children was going to send me over the edge. Thank god I get a lie in tomorrow. That’s all I can say!

Mood Diary posts on my phone 19th October to 25th October

Sunday 19th October – Struggling today Really struggling with things today. Managed to tidy up the kitchen but have really struggled with a load of other things. I was up at 7.30 and have found the kids quite hard work. I’m now having a bit of quiet time in the bedroom watching Supernatural. Monday 20th Read More →

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