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Pimp A Post Sunday

OK, well I may as well join in especially as I have been nominated for this by @mojojomilo (her blog is Wonderments. Thank you so much for mentioning me. I’ve not been doing this blog for very long at all (less than a month) and it means so much to have people reading and enjoying Read More →

No title as I’m being harrassed to come down so hubby can do brewing

I LOVE how my new blog looks. I might just give up writing posts in favour of staring at the pretty pink and black format all day!!! Its Saturday morning and I’ve been up with the kids since about 8. They woke up earlier but we’ve managed to get them in the habit of chilling Read More →

Feeling guilty

I feel a bit guilty. Have been reading Manic Mum’s blog and absolutely loving it. But to me it is an enjoyable read. A distraction. She is a really funny writer. I know that I have yet to get to the very sad event in her life and I suppose for me it hasn’t really Read More →

Chocolate spread and angry birds Star Wars

Why does my dog insist on barking her head off at the one time of day we need to have a little wind-down time. My dad dropped the kids home and they wanted food – dog is incessant beggar and thief and won’t leave kids alone and I didn’t have the energy to police her Read More →

My day

As I’ve already said. Totally engrossed in the blog Anecdotes of a Manic Mum and I’m loving her style and as I’m a little bit of a copy cat – well, actually I like to think that I’m open to ideas of improvement – I thought I might do a blog post about my day Read More →

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