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My kids bedtime suitcases

After posting about this on twitter it occurred to me that it would be just silly of me to miss out on writing a blog post about this…. I should do more of this anyway. Post about the silly things my kids do or say. So anyway. I went in to check on the kids Read More →

Quote from my SIL

This made me giggle and it just occured to me to post it on my blog. My sister in law is looking after my little girl today. In fact she is now my new childminder (well, number 3 as CM2 is keeping Mondays for a bit until she has her baby). Anyway, she was telling Read More →

Conversation overheard while hubby corralling children up stairs

Husband: Come on, small furry childrenJoshua: I’m NOT SMALL!Husband: OK, Upstairs furry children.Joshua: I’m not a child.Husband: OK up small person(me expecting him to say “I’m not small”)Joshua: I’m not a person Hahaha so funny

Doggies & pickled onions

Was going to give blogging a miss tonight but as I’m here, sat on the sofa watching a new drama called The Fear. Having a whiskey. Kids were funny tonight. Before bed they were running around (crawling technically) on all fours pretending to be doggies. Joshua was doing it and so Lala copied him and Read More →