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Struggling to stay focussed (and positive)

The office is very very quiet today. It should be a good thing. There is hardly anyone in the office and I don’t have much work to do – plenty of time to busy myself on other things – and I have tried somewhat. But I’m finding it very hard to stay focussed. Things I Read More →

Career confusion / Head in the Clouds

source I’m a bit bored again at work. I have plenty to be done (well, a bit, not exactly plenty) but I am waiting on stuff before I can get on with it. I find that very irritating. Its left me with too much time on my hands to think about things. I’m thinking about Read More →

Successful lunch for 25 and my residual desire to be self-employed

So yesterday went well. I am still recovering. Yesterday was our annual Christmas Lunch with our friends. We started doing it a few years ago – I think it might have been after my first child, Joshua, was born. We had not been able to keep up with many of our friends socially as we Read More →


You know how you often get a musical or very very silly episode in many American TV shows (usually in about series 7 – thinking of Buffy, House, Angel, that kind of thing).  Well, I’m yet again not amazingly busy and daydreaming about this house that we may or may not buy (depends on if Read More →