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Cheating on food & Staying late at work

I have cheated somewhat on my “healthy eating plan”. I have bought a packet of peanut M&M’s and a caramel wafer thingy to get me by the rest of the afternoon. The walk took the good part of 15 minutes (especially as I realised half way there that I’d forgotten to take my ID card Read More →


I feel like I have lost my blogging mojo slightly. Recently some people (family members and friends) found out about my blog and while I had never intended to use this blog as a way to bitch about people, I guess I’m a little wary of being judged for what I say. But what the Read More →

This blog post contains some gross stuff (so don’t read if you’re squeemish or don’t like ladies parts or bowel movements mentioned)

We’ve just put the kids to bed. I’m in my jimjams, my slippers and my fluffy pink dressing gown. I ache. I have diarrhea from the change in diet (either that or just a mild stomach bug that’s gone on for a week). I left work early to go to the doctors and on the Read More →

Detox Day 7 – General Ramblings

14:34 – Its getting a bit boring recounting what I eat everyday so I’m just going to summarize. Its pretty much the same as what I’ve been having the last few days. Had muesli when I got into work (15 minutes late – back to the flipping grind stone where traffic is concerned), some nuts Read More →

Detox Day 5

18.04 – I’m glad I started my diet on the 1st of the month. Its so easy to remember what day of the diet it is. I was just about to start this post and was wondering to myself “what day are we on now?” and then I remembered that as its the 5th January, Read More →

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