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The fug of depression…. again

It is hard to see, when you are in the fug of a depressive state, that things were better only a few weeks ago, and will be better probably in a few week’s time. It is hard to imagine that 2 months ago, I was on such a high due to moving into my new Read More →

Low low low

So depression has set in. Its more physical this time than the last few times I’ve felt down. Just have no energy. Felt like I was coming down with something. Once I sat down this evening I found it hard to be bothered to get up. I wanted to go to bed – even at Read More →

A particularly bad low yesterday 

I know I wrote yesterday about my disillusionment around trying to find a man and this was part of why I felt so low but it wasn’t all of it.  I can’t say what triggered it but I can talk about how I felt and the thoughts that we’re going through my head.  I felt Read More →

The sexual side effects of depression

This is a sponsored post.  Depression is a serious health condition that can affect many areas of life. Symptoms such as low mood, feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation and loss of interest in things you used to enjoy can seep into your family life, your career and your personal relationships and wreak havoc. What’s Read More →

Not scared anymore

Things are not great. But they are better. I’m in a job where I have been completely honest about my illness. I’ve been able to work from home while I get used to my new meds. I feel in a really good place where work is concerned. I like my work and I really like Read More →

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