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Posts about the separation & divorce of myself and my now ex husband and about my new life as a single person

Being a single parent at Christmas

Being a single parent at Christmas is hard. Hell, being single at Christmas generally is hard. But as a parent, seeing all the Christmas advertisements involving families together can sometimes feel like a knife in the gut. I love how excited my kids get about Christmas, but it makes me very sad that I have no-one to Read More →

The Death of my Marriage

I’ve just got back from a writing group that I found in a local internet search. It was very interesting. This is something I wrote there: My marriage died and I am in mourning Once it breathed and lived but then One day, it took its last laboured breath, shuddered and passed into the next Read More →

How do you find a balance with your ex when you have children together?

Really. I’d like to know. I think I have been pretty damn accommodating since we split up. I won’t go into all the reasons why. The people who know me and have been around through this whole thing will agree that I have. Perhaps too much so, but it suited me to be that way. Read More →

Reflections on the last couple of weeks

If you read my last post “Feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom” , you will know that I have been off work for the last couple of weeks. My ex-husband’s marriage hit me way harder than I thought it would, but I have taken a few things away from the experience: I have more support than Read More →

Feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom

The thing about rock bottom is that you have to come up, don’t you? Last week was awful. Saturday was the day of my ex-husband’s wedding. I thought, naively, that after the day was over, I would go back to normal and start to feel better about everything, but I was totally wrong. I went Read More →