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Posts about the separation & divorce of myself and my now ex husband and about my new life as a single person

Being a single parent at Christmas

Being a single parent at Christmas is hard. Hell, being single at Christmas generally is hard. But as a parent, seeing all the Christmas advertisements involving families together can sometimes feel like a knife in the gut. I love how excited my kids get about Christmas, but it makes me very sad that I have no-one to Read More →

The Death of my Marriage

I’ve just got back from a writing group that I found in a local internet search. It was very interesting. This is something I wrote there: My marriage died and I am in mourning Once it breathed and lived but then One day, it took its last laboured breath, shuddered and passed into the next Read More →

How do you find a balance with your ex when you have children together?

Really. I’d like to know. I think I have been pretty damn accommodating since we split up. I won’t go into all the reasons why. The people who know me and have been around through this whole thing will agree that I have. Perhaps too much so, but it suited me to be that way. Read More →

Reflections on the last couple of weeks

If you read my last post “Feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom” , you will know that I have been off work for the last couple of weeks. My ex-husband’s marriage hit me way harder than I thought it would, but I have taken a few things away from the experience: I have more support than Read More →

Feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom

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