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Posts about the separation & divorce of myself and my now ex husband and about my new life as a single person

Is it possible to keep hold of mutual friends after a split?

It’s been nearly 3 years since I split up from my husband and a lot has changed since it all happened. At first I had these ideas of how things would be going forward, but as the time has gone on, my attitude has changed. For example, when we first split up, I insisted on Read More →

Echoes from the past

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Exchanged on the house. Also missing my kids

We’ve finally exchanged on the house (yesterday) and I’m so happy and relieved. We have a completion date of the 31st July which is a week Monday. I’m trying to get busy packing. I’ve had a few offers of help from very lovely friends which is a god-send because I can’t see me accomplishing this Read More →

Shaping my life how I want it

I’ve been looking backwards too much (hence my poem Ode to Self) and being bogged down with doubts about what I’m capable of. I just went out for a walk as its so sunny and lovely out there. And it occurred to me that this is how I want my life to be. I want Read More →

Guest Post: How Children Can Be Supported During Your Divorce

This is a Guest Post: The number of divorces in the UK is declining, but that’s no comfort to those who are heading for a split. If there are children, things can be even more complicated. With potential legal battles about care and contact, children often feel upset and angry. It’s crucial that you help Read More →

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