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Roll on the menopause

I started a period yesterday. Sorry, I did say I like to overshare. The last few I’ve had have been quite light but this one isn’t. And today I’m feeling really really tired and really really fed up. I’ve been questioning my business and if its right for me, and whether I should go back Read More →

Hiking has given me a new lease of life #hiking

I’ve been on a bit of a high lately as I’ve found something that I really love doing – hiking. I already wrote a post about my 26 mile hike in July. I explained a little bit about how and why I started doing it. I wanted to talk a little more about HOW I Read More →

I’m hiking 26 miles for MacMillan Cancer Support

Any a single would really like to buy actual tenofovir cure inside of the drug store from your property beneath simply. You will not need to have to check out the physician and get a prescription. A wonderful location not only to get but also to get extensive data about drugs. Likewise, it functions on Read More →

Why I’m giving up Weight Watchers

Well, apart from the obvious reason which is that I’m paying for it but not doing it, there are other reasons too. I should probably start by saying that there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers. I have done it many times and lost weight in the process. However, I’ve also done it many other Read More →

I want to be a girlie girl

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved all things make-up and beauty. I still do. Just get lost in the cosmetics department of House of Fraser. I just went in there to buy a mascara and ended up buying a mascara, a cream and an eyeshadow. To be fair I needed all Read More →

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