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Forever Living Online Launch Party – January 28th #ForeverLiving

So the Forever Living is going great-guns. I had my party last night and it went really really well. I was so pleased. I’ve decided to get another launch party in before the end of January. Being an online launch party you can attend it from wherever you are. You can even attend in your Read More →


I promised myself I would write a post a day. So here I am. I’ve just got the kids into bed. I’m patting myself on the back as overall we had a pretty good day – including a visit to the park and watching a movie in the afternoon. I have got the kids to Read More →

A nice relaxing bath to chase away my anxiety #foreverliving

I’ve been feeling really frustrated and anxious tonight. I don’t really know why. I’m tired. The kids were a little difficult tonight, the flat was a mess (still is)… I tried to get on top of it but then I gave up as it just seemed pointless! However, while tidying up the kitchen table I Read More →