Roll on the menopause

I started a period yesterday. Sorry, I did say I like to overshare. The last few I’ve had have been quite light but this one isn’t. And today I’m feeling really really tired and really really fed up. I’ve been questioning my business and if its right for me, and whether I should go back into bath bombing, and just generally feeling like I lack direction and energy.

Honestly, roll on the menopause so these bastards end. Caviat: I know very little about the menopause and its probably horrible and I probably DON’T want to go through it but not having periods would be a HUGE bonus!

I think its just my natural instinct (as a friend said to me today) that when something isn’t going quite as well as I want it to, my natural urge is to start something else. I need to dig my heels in, keep networking (this new networking group in Farnham I’m going to is really good), keep getting ideas from other people and re-focus my business on the areas that I’m really good at. I need to move away from some of the work that I really hate doing (cold calling) and focus on my strengths (admin, organising etc).

I’ve decided that a rebrand will help refresh me so I’m going to speak to someone from the networking group who is an expert on WordPress sites. I think a fresh new look will give me a bit more motivation to move forward and get my business where I want it to be. And stop me just coasting.

Just got to take the next few days step by step until my energy levels and mood returns to normal and I stop feeling quite so…. blah!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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