Go Henry Prepaid Card & Pocket Money App for Kids Review

I’m writing this because I’ve just started using Go Henry with my kids. I’ve not had any correspondence with Go Henry about writing this blog. I’ve not been paid for this post although if you sign up using my link, I’ll get £10 in my account when you activate your child’s account AND YOU WILL TOO!

I was recently having a rethink about how I deal with pocket money. There were several aspects to my decision. First of all, I wanted a way of putting money aside for the kids pocket money. I was previously using an app which tracked pocket money – it had the functionality to add tasks so the kids could earn more. But because I didn’t put aside the money for the kids I’d have to rely on using cash or a card when they wanted to spend their pocket money – and sometimes I would have to tell them they couldn’t use their pocket money because I didn’t have any cash or enough in my bank account (typically at the end of the month). I thought about having a separate bank account to keep their pocket money in but that would involve me remembering to transfer in extra money when they earned it etc. I wanted something a bit more streamlined. The other main reason for going with Go Henry was that I was getting fed up of my kids demanding things off me. “Mummy, can you get me some new pens… Mummy can we have some sweets.” etc. Alara is the main culprit for this.

I’d heard about Go Henry before and I liked the idea that their money would be set aside and when they do tasks, the money will be transferred to their totals. I also like that they get their own cards so they can actually make their own purchases and because it is THEIR money they start to understand that when you swipe your card you don’t just magically get things for free. It comes off your balance.

So I sat the kids down and explained about Go Henry and they loved the idea. I also told them that I would no longer be treating them to sweets and random stuff off Amazon. Going forward if they wanted something that was not essential – school stuff, clothing and food – they would have to pay for it themselves. They didn’t like this so much but they are happy that they can earn extra pocket money for doing jobs. And now they know that I’m not going to be ordering them stuff willy nilly, I think they have more motivation to do jobs around the house. I also told them that they will get an extra pound in their pocket money per week if they keep their rooms tidy. I told them I won’t be nagging them to do it. I’ll remind them occasionally that if they haven’t tidied their rooms by Friday (before they go back to their dad’s) they won’t get the money. I’ve given them the option of not doing it but they won’t get the extra money.

So we got their cards at the weekend (they took approximately a week to arrive I think) and we’ve already used them. The kids used the machine at the shop themselves and I think they felt very grown up. And I’ve got much firmer on my replies to demands for things. My typical response being “do you have enough pocket money? No? Then you have to save up”. My bank account is thanking me! So overall, I’m really happy with it. I think I only have one suggestion to Go Henry. It would be nice if you could credit money for extra tasks done immediately. Currently it queues for the next pocket money day and they get paid extra when that day comes. I also think it would be handy to be able to set up daily tasks and tasks that are available for both children. Currently, you have to add a task individually for each child (which seems like duplication for me). But overall, other than these small issues, I’m really happy with it. I think it’s worth the money for the functionality and control that you get.

Here is a bit more about Go Henry and what you get

  • Go Henry is a prepaid card (which means the kids can never go overdrawn) and an app that goes with it.
  • It is aimed at young people between 6 and 18.
  • You can customize your children’s cards (for an extra fee)
  • You can set up automatic pocket money and also set up tasks for extra pocket money
  • You can keep track of your child’s spending and also set limits
  • You can set up saving goals for your children
  • The kids can have the app on their devices too
  • The cost is £2.99 per child per month

Sign up for Go Henry here. 

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