5 Tips to using a squat rack

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Health and fitness experts recommend squatting as one of the overall health exercises one should do on a regular basis. A squat rack is, therefore, one of the gym essentials. Squatting will help in toning the thigh muscles. It also strengthens the back muscles and the hamstring. A squat rack makes it possible to lift weights while you squat. You may adjust levels as you progress for more effectiveness.

Here are 5 Tips to using a squat rack:

  1. Choose the best squat rack

Watch out for squat racks that have all the essential features. You will easily use such squats and achieve the expected results faster. Some of the features to watch out for include safety bars, weight capacity, and size and fit among other features.

  1. Good positioning

You will only achieve your goal when you start using the squat rack if you get the position right. Do not be discouraged if at first, you are not getting the right position. It may take some practice and time to get this position right. A good trainer can help speed things up. Ankle flexibility is very important to avoid injury and also for squats to be effective in toning muscles. You should get this aspect right first before you start your regular squatting exercises.

  1. Engage your core muscles

The core muscles you are strengthening are the thighs, lower back, and hamstring. Ensure that they are engaged when using the squat rack. The back should be held straight as you expand your chest while inhaling. This is good for the ribcage. It also helps to shift the weight to your back which is one of the major muscles to focus on when squatting.

  1. Learn the various ways to use the squat rack

It is good to vary the type of exercises you do on the squat rack. This will help to break the monotony. As such, you will be committed to the gym on a regular basis. You will, therefore, achieve weight loss, and sculpt your body as desired faster. It will be easier to also maintain weight loss. You may squat, deadlift, perform barbell lunges or do overhead presses on the squat rack.

  1. Get it right to avoid injury

If you suffer an injury while using a squat rack, you may have to discontinue your regular exercise routine awaiting recovery. You should, therefore, try and avoid injury. This is mainly by getting choosing the right squat rack with all the best features and a good personal trainer if you are a beginner. You should start by lifting light weights and progress to heavyweight gradually. In addition, if you suffer fatigue, you should completely avoid heavy-weight lifting.

A good squat rack will enable you to do routine squats every day. This is necessary in order to achieve your exercise goal. Remember that squats are some of the main core muscles exercises that health and fitness coaches recommend for fast weight loss and also in order to maintain a perfect body. But you must do the exercises on a good squat rack and it is also important to get a structured squat program from a professional trainer to ensure that you are doing the right thing.


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