Dating – this is why I regularly give up on the whole thing

I’ve been chatting to a guy this evening on Tinder and then we moved to WhatsApp (as Tinder is shit).

It all seemed to be going well – we had loads in common and were talking about kids, what we like to do, work, etc – and then he asked for a full length photo of me. And I sent him one of me that I took there and then. I know I didn’t look my best but I wasn’t expecting him to run a mile.

This is the picture I sent:

I explained that I’m a bit heavier than I would like to be and apologised for being in slobbing around gear and I got a polite but dismissive comment that I was “not what he was looking for”.

This made me feel awful and really set me back. I ran a bath and cried and cried. I’d only gone back on Tinder that night. He seemed really nice. I don’t think I’m THAT fat. And so what if I am. I’m still attractive and scrub up well.

I recorded a video of me talking about this which you can see below:

Why are men so shallow – or the men I seem to have been meeting lately!

4 Thoughts on “Dating – this is why I regularly give up on the whole thing

  1. charlie sheridan on March 6, 2018 at 17:57 said:

    really hated seeing you so sad. I hope you are feeling a bit better now after such a terrible knock to your confidence. You really have been so happy lately with your new little dog. I hope you are feeling brighter soon. xx

  2. Katie on March 31, 2018 at 23:40 said:

    What a DICK!!! I’m sorry, but what a total utter DICK! How DARE he make you feel that way! Fuck the numbers, you’re lovely and if he can’t work that out without making a spot judgement on an off the cuff photo he doesn’t deserve your time or your tears! Women all the way I say my lovely! If it helps at all, I totally would xx

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