5 things to look for in a good protein powder

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Buying a good protein powder that suits your specific needs isn’t exactly a walk in the park. To avoid disappointments, there are certain factors you need to consider – don’t just walk into a store and grab the cheapest brand on sale. Some protein powders offer amazing results and taste great. Others are so unpleasant that they trigger your gag reflex immediately after you gobble them down.

If you’re tired of purchasing poor quality whey protein, this elaborate Protein Powder Xpert’s review could help you make an informed decision. After all, your gains are only as good as the protein powder you use.

Here are 5 things to look out for in a good protein powder:


  • Great quality


The quality of your protein powder will have an assortment of bodily repercussions: some powders will cause flatulence, cramps and even gastrointestinal bloating. Others are simply too thick and leave a terrible taste in the mouth. Clearly, protein powders differ vastly in the way they’re made. If you’re currently looking for a good protein powder, choose a product that is relatively more desirable compared to all other available choices. Good quality protein powders should meet certain requirements. These include: filler percentage, amino acid profile, yield, digestibility and ease of use.


  • Value


Before purchasing any protein powder, ask yourself whether you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The value of a product refers to the benefits you accrue from it minus its drawbacks. After weighing the pros and cons of your preferred protein powder, consider whether its price is justifiable or not. Ultimately, there are varying options for different prices. Some powders contain more filler material and very little protein content. Naturally, such powders fall on the lower price bracket.


  • Taste


This is yet another crucial factor to consider when purchasing protein powder. A myriad of whey proteins advertise themselves as having an exquisite, mouthwatering taste. But after buying the product and using it, you quickly realize what a distasteful waste of money it was. So before making any decision, ask friends and fellow bodybuilders which protein powders taste good – or tolerable at least. You don’t want a product that leaves a chalky taste lingering in your mouth. Rather, get something that’s appetizing without the disgusting aftertaste.


  • The ease of use


This factor simply measures two distinct elements of any protein powder: Digestibility and Blendability. Although it’s crucial to purchase a product that mixes well with other ingredients using a blender, look for a protein powder that doesn’t require to be mixed using a blender. You want a powder that conveniently mixes easily when stirred in a cup or a shaker bottle. Your protein powder also shouldn’t stick to the sides when blended, and definitely don’t go for one that forms lumps that you must eventually chew up. Get a good quality product that doesn’t fill you up or make you feel bloated.


  • The resultant benefits


Ultimately, your desire is to find a protein powder that works. Don’t purchase a product because it looks picture perfect or it has a fancy name. Rather, buy those items that will deliver exquisite results. Regardless of how “complete” a product is, seek to find out whether it delivers results. One surefire way to know whether a particular protein powder is effective or not is to check customer reviews. Tips from friends could also help.

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