5 Reasons to use Lyft this year

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We’ve all experienced mornings where the thought of walking to your workplace makes you fancy crawling back beneath the covers. Fortunately, today our streets are littered with all kinds of cab services. Lyft is one among the many commute services on our roads with anxiously waiting drivers ready to help you commute.

Below are five justifications why you should try Lyft this year.

1. Reliable  

It’s fair to mention that we’ve seen it all on our roads. From lofty parking fees to transit strikes, problems have risen in matters pertaining costs and timeliness. None of the earlier mentioned issues happen with Lyft.

The mean waiting duration for a Lyft cab is four minutes in most localities. Once you hitch a ride on your car, you’re undoubtedly on your without minding whether the trains will run late. Upon reaching your office, you need not agonize paying sky-high charges on parking or circling the block. You get out of the cab and get moving.  

2. Affordable

We’re in a never-ending pursuit for the most pocket-friendly way to get to our destinations. No one wants a ride costing an arm and a leg; we think highly of our time off the clock.

Thankfully, Lyft makes commuting affordable and eradicates the question of how much you’ll extend for your commute. With upfront pricing, Lyft eliminates gimmicks or surprises; fares are straight-forward and include all charges less the tip. Line charges hit $2.50 which is cheaper than a mug of coffee.

3. Guaranteed comfort

Lyft holds their drivers to high standards and ensures that they maintain their vehicles accordingly providing excellent service and better value for money for the customers. You can ride at the front – no getting shoved between a stranger and a wall. Most drivers offer snacks and water as added benefits.

4. Lyft gives you options

Lyft offers several alternatives for your traveling convenience.

Want some time alone or in a rush? Try Lyft Classic that fetches a door-to-door cab in minutes.

In the hunt for a deal? Try Lyft Line which affords you a shared trip with a commuter going the same direction as you, but for a discounted price. However, note that this arrangement potentially adds a further 5-10 minutes to your commute time.

Got a group in a rush to a pub’s happy hour?  Try Lyft Plus that offers a minimum of six seats in a much larger vehicle to ensure the fun never stops.

5. Finding time

At the day’s end, who doesn’t want more time? Driving in the rush hour with your cup of grande coffee might be awkward and not entirely relaxing. However, if you choose to ride with Lyft, you can enjoy your cup o’ joe as you ride.

Also, you can get a bit of time back as you ride back home from work by catching up on the news, Facebook and emails – the ball is in your court.

Next time you think of the best way to ride look for a Lyft promo code on Ridester.com to enjoy discounted rides.  

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