5 Tips to Removing Urine Odors from Your Carpet

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Pets are like family and they are always a delight to have around—that is until they urinate on your carpet and it stinks so much that you start to think that maybe having them run around the living room is not a good idea. Plus, you have some friends and guests coming over and you do not have the time and luxury to change carpets from where that really prominent smell is coming from. This is a classic story in houses where pet lovers live with their extended family. Fortunately, changing carpets is not the only solution to the problem. There are some things that you can do to take off that odor effectively without spending a fortune.

Here are some ways to remove urine odors from your precious carpet:


  • Take away as much urine as possible.


As soon as you notice your pet has urinated on your carpet, get ready with your paper towel. Blot the area and the paper towel will absorb some of the urine. While it will not remove everything it will lessen the urine that will be absorbed by the carpet. The less urine there is, the easier it is to remove its odors.


  • Use an enzymatic cleaner to break down the smell.


While you may use carpet and fabric deodorizers, these protein- based cleaners may not be able to handle the strong and pervasive smell of pet urine. Using an enzymatic cleaner can be more helpful. It helps break down stains and remove odor because it releases cultures that literally eat the urine and leave the area clean and odor-free once it dried.


  • Use an extracting wet vacuum cleaner


Once you make sure that the odor has been treated with the right deodorizer, use an extracting wet vacuum cleaner to clean the area. However, make sure to avoid steam cleaners. Using an extracting wet vac is a great way to rinse the area and suck dirty water back so it will come out clean and smell fresh.


  • Use an air freshener that is baking soda-based.


After you cleaned and dried the area where your pet has urinated, use a baking soda-based air freshener to repel any odor that escaped into the air. Baking soda has some really impressive absorbing properties and will absorb any trace of urine odor. You can also try out some homemade carpet freshener using dried herbs, cinnamon, and baking soda.


  • Call professional carpet cleaners.


If all of these won’t be able to satisfy you, you can call the professionals to do the job. The best carpet cleaning company for pet odors will help remove the stain and foul smell in no time while making sure that your carpet is safe. They have the expertise and equipment to deal with these problems efficiently and fast.

Whatever method you use to clean your carpet and remove pet urine odor, make sure that you are not damaging the carpet itself. It is counter-productive to have a fresh-smelling carpet that is slowly being damaged by harmful cleaning methods.

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