5 Tips to moving to Brisbane, Australia as a student

One of the best experiences that a person can have while in college is to study abroad in a country that they have never been before. The opportunity to learn a new culture while studying subject matter that is of great interest to you is a privilege and one that should not be overlooked as a once in a lifetime experience. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go abroad and study. It is truly a priceless experience that all students should be afforded the opportunity. If you are planning on studying abroad this year and are going to venture down to Brisbane, Australia, there are a few things that you should know before you move. This article will highlight some tips to moving to Australia as a student.


  • Accommodation for Students. Living in student housing is a great way to meet other students who may also be studying abroad. Perhaps you will be living near other international students from other parts of the world which will give you the opportunity to learn about more than just Australia. Living in student housing will also give you the chance to get to know Australian students and learn their way of life. Living on campus is a great way to immerse yourself into the culture while keeping your independence.



  • Open a bank account. When you get to Australia, be sure to look into opening a student bank account. This is important so that you can keep your funds in a secure place. This will also help you in case you need to exchange currency. The bank can do this for you at the best possible rate available which can save you some money. Using a bank account is also a great way to budget your money so that you don’t run out of funds before your time is over.



  • Pack light. Be sure to pack light so that you can collect trinkets and items to take home with you after living in Australia. It can be a challenge to not bring everything with you from your home country when studying in another part of the world, but it will be in your best interest to leave stuff at home. The reason for this is that you will certainly collect things while you are abroad and you will most likely want to take those home with you. Sure, you could mail them home but that will cost a pretty penny.



  • Try new things. When you are living abroad, it may be hard to break out of your shell. When you are abroad, it is important that you try new things and experience the country that you are living in. Explore and go out with other students.



  • Travel. When you are in another country, take advantage of it and travel to locations that are close by that you would not get to visit otherwise. Make sure that you take lots of photos so that you can remember all of the places that you have been. Another great idea is to journal about your experience so that you can look back on what a wonderful time you had.


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