I’m definitely not super-mum, but I’m doing my best

Lately, I have felt a little bit blocked when it comes to writing.

I’ve worried that anything I say might be taken against me and used somehow to either just generally judge me, or worse, by certain parties.

But after a long chat with a friend of mine who also writes, I’ve decided that I don’t care anymore. Let the haters hate. I’m not doing anything really wrong.

So, occasionally at weekends my kids get a bit more tablet time than is strictly needed and sometimes in the rush of getting ready in the morning we all forget to brush our teeth. I’m not a robot. I am forgetful sometimes and I’d much prefer to do fun stuff at the weekend or just have a nice relaxing one than spend it slogging over homework.

However, having said that, I do try to improve on those little things that slip through the cracks for me. I spent half an hour this evening doing homework with my daughter so it was done for tomorrow’s deadline, and while she was occupied I showed my son how to do the washing up (I recently had a bit of a paddy at him for not helping me enough – or having a bad attitude towards helping me out so I decided to crack down a bit – and reward them both with tablet time).

I also excel at certain things. I made a lunch-menu planner as my kids have recently swapped from school dinners to packed lunches. I put options for each day of the week and (assuming I have the things) they can choose what they have each day – my son absolutely loves this (due to his character and possibly his autism too he loves routine).

I feel like I’m constantly failing at some things and constantly trying to improve on others. Maybe we all feel like that. I started using an app for all the little reminders for each day – like “make lunches” and “do homework” but I kept forgetting to check it so have gone back to the good-old-fashioned notebook version now and keep it in my kitchen ready to be checked in the morning and evenings.

Right now, I’m just battling with feeling terribly tired all the time. And cold. I’ve been cold most of the day even though the heating has been on.

3 Thoughts on “I’m definitely not super-mum, but I’m doing my best

  1. I thought all mums were super mums…………..

  2. Natalie on January 9, 2018 at 12:43 said:

    You are definately more orgainised and on top of things than alot of mums out there! really you are. Just look at that notebook! All mums have a huge amount to juggle every day, sometimes we remember things sometimes we forget. Who cares really, we are all just plodding long trying to get through each crazy day, so really don’t beat yourself up about anything. If you find it all getting on top of you take a step back and just have a giggle at the madness and chaos of it all. There is no room for ‘failing’ at anything when we love our kids. I have read your blog for a while now and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for things. Don’t worry about what other people think, its such a waste of your precious energy. Put pen to paper and write whatever you want!.
    I can tell you ARE one of the super mums Abi because you care, so you’ll never go far wrong. 🙂

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