Wishing hoping waiting

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I’m so tired at the moment. I’m in danger of having a mood slump because of it.

I’m working 3 jobs (Virtual Assistant business, care home job and face painting business) and helping to run a networking group. I did a late last night and am on one again tonight (at the care home) and I’m all inside my head.

I think because I’m so tired I’m focussing rather heavily on a few things.

  1. I’m seeing someone at the moment. Its very early days but of course in my head I’m hoping, waiting and wishing that it becomes something serious, something real.
  2. I really want a dog. I have for a while and I’m saving up for it. I’m hoping I can get one in the spring.

When I’m down I can’t help but focus on those things that I think will make me happy.

I’m so busy with work and I feel rather overwhelmed and if I let myself be ruled by the things that are earning me money I would go crazy.

Christmas is coming and while I do still need to earn money I think things will be quiet and hopefully I will get a chance to get some rest.

This blog post was meant to be much more poetic when I thought about it in my head, but I’m too bloody tired to try to be prosaic.

2 Thoughts on “Wishing hoping waiting

  1. Christian on December 7, 2017 at 23:19 said:

    Best of luck with your relationship x

  2. Take time for mindfulness relaxation. Even 10 minutes when you can. Wishing very best!

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