4 Health supplements myths dispelled

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Taking vitamins and supplements has been a way that people have chosen to improve their health and wellbeing with limited effort while maintaining a budget. Investing in supplements can help with one’s sleep, diet, energy, hair, and even their ability to conceive a child. There are many uses for supplements however there are many misconceptions or myths that come with using some of them. This article will focus on clearing up some of the confusion around some of the most popular supplements of the year.


  • All multivitamins can be considered the same thing. While manufacturers and marketers would like to make the consumer think that this is true, it is in fact false. In fact, the FDA does not mandate any set standard for what makes a vitamin a “multivitamin. The multivitamin is most likely made up of hundreds of varieties and one can never be too sure that what they are taking is actually what is on the label. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing a high quality product is to look for the seal that indicates that the product is certified from a consumer lab at a minimum.



  • Cannabis oil. When one hears of cannabis they instantly think of marijuana and in many places in the world the substance is illegal and utilizing it can cause negative consequences. Therefore, many ask the question, “is cannabis oil legal?” The truth of the matter is that cannabis oil is legal as the limited amounts of THC that is found in the liquid is not enough to be considered marijuana. In fact, the Cannabis Sativa L. strand that is used to make cannabis oil is actually that of hemp which has been manufactured and sold for years without any legal ramifications. While it is legal to purchase cannabis oil that is derived from hemp, be sure to check the quality of the product before you make a large investment as you could be disappointed in its potency.



  • You can still take the supplement past the expiration date. You can, however the company that manufactured the product will not stand behind the potency of the product past the “use by” date. While a supplement may not go bad per se, the potency will decrease over time. If you have the means, it is best to invest in a new bottle of supplements instead of taking the expired ones so that you know what you are feeding your body.



  • Vitamins and supplements don’t do anything for me except make me pee bright yellow. The yellow pee part is in fact true however, your body is still taking in all the nutrients that you are feeding it even if the Vitamin B2, or riboflavin is making a statement in the toilet. Your body may have enough Vitamin B2 which is why it is secreting extra via your urine, but that does not mean that your body is receiving the other nutrients that it needs.


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