4 Ways To Get In Shape In Thailand

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Thailand is a wonderful destination for the perfect getaway. Hence, it is easy to let yourself go when in Thailand. However, if you want to maintain your figure and ensure that you don’t pile on the pounds, you will need to exercise regularly. Fortunately, there are many ways to get in shape in Thailand. Without further ado, here are 4 ways to get in shape in Thailand.

  1. Enroll to a Muay Thai camp

You can reap plenty of benefits from enrolling yourself to a Muay Thai camp. The sport of Muay Thai not only helps improve strength and endurance, it also helps you lose weight and get in shape; after all, Muay Thai training can be quite rigorous and tough. Training in Muay Thai also increases cardiovascular conditioning and helps you develop a strong core. But most importantly, the training helps your body parts become well-proportioned. Muay Thai also serves as a form of stress-buster. The fast paced sport requires undivided attention and commitment, stopping individuals from stressing over real-life problems.  People who are usually stressed tend to overeat and overindulge in high-calorie food, which, in turn, makes them fatter.

  1. Join a tropical fitness boot camp

There is nothing better than getting fit whilst having a great time in a beautiful location. Hence, if you don’t want your fitness journey to become tedious, you should consider joining a tropical fitness boot camp. You will be taught proven advanced fitness techniques by top fitness professionals and also benefit greatly by training in a group. You also won’t have to worry about what you eat as most of the fitness boot camps have healthy meal plans devised by experienced nutritionists to help you achieve your health goals.

  1. The benefits of yoga

You can lose weight and get in shape through frequent yoga practice. Although yoga practices burn fewer calories than other forms of exercise, it helps one lose weight through other ways. For instance, regular yoga practice helps increase one´s mindfulness and the way one relates to his/her body. Therefore, people who practice yoga regularly are more aware of what they consume, enabling them to make better food choices. Many people tend to overeat when they feel stressed out; yoga helps combat stress, which can influence one’s energy intake. And, what better way to practice yoga than in the beautiful country of Thailand?

  1. Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

We wouldn’t dare to write an article about getting in shape without including the benefits of high-intensity interval training. This form of training can be especially beneficial if you don´t have plenty of time to spare as the training helps keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. Basically, any sort of training that requires you to perform intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods, can be identified as high- intensity interval training.

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  1. sandrinelacourt on October 10, 2017 at 18:41 said:

    muay thai is good for women, i did try after my first pregnancy ! i was in shape after 2 months !

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