Telling Joshua he has autism

A couple of weeks ago, we had it confirmed that Joshua is definitely on the ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) spectrum.

This was not unexpected, as we had suspected as much, but to have it confirmed was quite an emotional thing. He will never grow out of the little things that make him different, he won’t ever be “normal” – although who wants to be normal!! On the other hand, it is a good thing as now we can get the help he needs.

An official diagnosis can take up to 18 months, we were told yesterday at the appointment we had for him.

And yesterday evening, I talked to him about it. I told him that he has a thing called autism. I told him that this makes him different. He asked me in what way. I told him that he is very very good at certain things (maths, reading) and that he can struggle in other areas (change, social things, etc). It wasn’t a very long chat and I didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. I’m not sure he really understands, and I certainly don’t want him to worry about it, so I have left it at that for now.

I have thought about trying to find a book for him – aimed at kids – about autism. I need to have a look online and see if anything is recommended by others. If anyone reading this has experience in this area or knows of a good book I can get him to explain about autism, I’d be very grateful if you would share it.

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  1. Try – they have a list of suitable books and amazon also have a list

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