Update on coming off my meds

Have felt pretty crap the last few days. There have been some external factors – just got verbal confirmation that Joshua has autism (which is a post in itself but I don’t feel ready to write about that right now), I lost a client last week due to said client’s financial constraints and there have been a few more things that have felt like hurdles I’ve had to jump over. Money worries being one of them. 

I’ve felt ok during the day but come the evening I start to feel a bit sorry for myself. 

I’m trying to stay focussed on the positive – there is still a lot of it. I still love my new house, the kids are great (if a little hard work sometimes), I have a part time job which will bring in a bit of extra money and I can fit it around my VA work. And I know I can find more clients. I went to a networking meeting this morning which was actually a really good experience. A few people there asked for my business cards – we were discussing outsourcing and it turned out I could potentially help out a few of the people there. Fingers crossed it might turn into work. 

I still love what I’m doing. I like the variety, I like being my own boss, deciding what to do when. I have my moments when I think I could quite easily just go back to bed or sit and watch tv but I crack on instead and then I feel like I’ve achieved something. Then I can take time – either for myself or for the kids later. 

I just need to power through the feelings and not let them rule me. I need to continue to market my business and talk to people about what I do, go to networking meetings (when my budget will allow it), market myself online, get on with the work, and I will make a success of it. 

Hey, I feel a bit better for just having written this. I feel like I’ve just given myself a talking to, which I suppose I have!

Good night!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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