Lovely holiday in Mijas Spain

So I’m back from a lovely 10 days in Spain – Mijas, near Malaga. My parents have had a house there for 27 years and I had been going there on holiday from the age of 13 up until me and Ben started going to Turkey instead. In some ways, the divorce has had some very good side-effects. One of these being that now I get to go back to Mijas every year instead. I have now decided that this is what I will do in the summers as I love that I get to see my friend Patricia and my uncle and aunt and cousins – and now their kids too. It is lovely for me to revisit the place where I have so many memories and now I can give that to my kids too. I do like Turkey, but I’ve pretty much made the decision that I won’t be going back there. I went last year but Mijas is so much better – as I have family there and it is good not to be on my own all the time – like I was in Turkey last year (for the 2nd week anyway) – and I don’t really want to holiday with my ex-husband.

If you would like to know a little more about Mijas, check out this article that I was sent.

Anyway, so we had a lovely time and here are some photos.

The kids spent ages and ages in the pool. They loved it.

I spent time with my good friend Patricia, who I’ve known since my teens. I love spending time with her and catching up – and practicing my Spanish:

The views from my parents house are wonderful:

We went to Gibralter to visit the family:

Photos are not in order.

First of all we went to my auntie Pat’s and had lunch. Then we drove up to the Rock with my cousins to go see the Monkeys. After that we were so hot that we decided to head to the beach to cool off. Finally, before heading home we had a quick dinner in the beach front cafe. It was a great day other than a few kids being a bit mean to Joshua, and then after that him getting a tummy ache and wanting to get home. It was 10pm by the time we left to head back to Mijas and the kids fell asleep right away in the car.

We went to the beach:

We walked up into the village to have coffee:

I treated the kids to new sunglasses:

In the village there was a square with water that shot up. The kids loved playing in the water. They got completely soaked and the walk back home was easy because they were so cool:

More fun in the pool!

Spent quality time with my friend.

The family all came down to Mijas to spend the day with us. The kids loved spending time with their (2nd) cousins!

Spending time in Mijas town.

On our last day, we went on a horse-drawn cart ride.

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  1. Christian on August 30, 2017 at 22:03 said:

    So lovely to see these pics and see there is life after divorce x

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