4 days until I move!

Time is going by so quickly.

This time next week I will be in my new house. I can’t wait! This is the next stage of my life. I really feel that things will change once I’m there and settled.

For one, I intend to try to start coming off my medication. I know this will be difficult but I haven’t been properly depressed (unless you include my ex’s wedding – 2 weeks off work, and when my divorce came through – but those were extreme circumstances so can’t be attributed purely to clinical depression). Things are going well for me now and I am keen to get back a sense or normality. I don’t want to feel so groggy in the mornings. I’m tired of the restless leg thing I get going on if I’ve taken my pills too late – I have to be tired enough to fall asleep before they have kicked in properly otherwise I can’t sleep because of feeling so restless: it is like my body is fighting the sedative effect of the drugs.

I’m nearly completely packed. At this stage there is just last minute things to pack on Sunday (the day before the move) – last of the kitchen stuff, toiletries, bedding that I’m using at the moment. My dad has been collecting boxes throughout the last 2 weeks and storing them in their garage so my flat is not awash with boxes. I dread to think what his garage looks like right now. Or what the new house will look like when all the boxes are in but not unpacked. Hopefully not too overwhelming. But I’ve also had offers of help in the unpacking process from a couple of good friends.

I’ve rung Sky to arrange transfer of TV and broadband and I’ve rung the council tax people but other than that, most of the house-move notifications will have to be done after I’ve moved in. I’ll have a lot to do next week!

I’d better go do some more packing – although I’m running out of things to pack!

2 Thoughts on “4 days until I move!

  1. Elise on July 27, 2017 at 12:22 said:

    So excited for you Abi, all sounds very positive and new house will be wonderful xxxx

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