Shout Out to Monkey Wellbeing!

Ages and ages ago I met a very nice lady called Helen at Brit Mums (blogging conference). She was telling me all about her business which is Monkey Wellbeing – a business that came about after she struggled to find story books that would explain to her 18 month old daughter about the experience of going into hospital for an operation! Helen then decided to write her own and Monkey Goes to Hospital was born.

Helen very kindly sent me a monkey and a pack of books and stickers and I am rather ashamed that life got in the way and I never wrote the review. I’m sorry Helen. Better late than never!!! Anyway, the world being the small place that it is, I came into contact with Helen again through my work as a Virtual Assistant and felt the need to apologise for never getting the review done and told her if she wanted to email me some stuff across I’d actually do a post this time. But instead of just emailing it to me, she sent me another pack (minus Monkey which is fine as I still have him – see picture).

As you can see from the pictures, there are now a range of Guides available. Helen sent me the Monkey’s Guide to Healthy Teeth and the Monkey Has Asthma activity guides. But there are also:

  • Monkey Visits the Emergency Department
  • Monkey’s Guide to Healthy Living and NHS Services

Each guide comes with Facts, Games, Puzzles, Things to do and also STICKERS (these always go down well!).

The storybooks available are:

  • Monkey Goes to School
  • Monkey Has a Blood Test
  • Monkey Has an Asthma Attack
  • Monkey Has an Injection
  • Monkey has an Operation
  • Monkey Visits Grandpa in the Hospital
  • Monkey’s Family Visits the Dentist

Please check out the Monkey Wellbeing website for more information!



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