I’m moving house (and other updates)

It’s been ages since I wrote in my blog, and as per usual I’m feeling guilty for neglecting it. So here is an update on my life and everything!

I’m moving!

I’ve known this for a while but my dad didn’t want me to share on social media or anything until we knew it was going to happen – and if you know me, you will know how hard it has been for me not to share!!!!

It happened back in May before I went on holiday. My parents rang me one day and said that they had seen a house that they thought I would really like. I was a bit confused as I knew I could not get a mortgage at the moment, being newly self-employed – I believe you need at least 2 years books in order to get one. But I went along out of curiosity and I fell in love with the house instantly. As I walked around the house, I could see myself and the kids living there. I actually cried! Then we went for a coffee and talked about it and my parents told me that if I wanted the house, they would help me buy it! I was completely overwhelmed and have been ever since. My parents have been very supportive ever since I split from my ex-husband but I never anticipated that they would help me on this level.

The house is great. It is a 4 bedroom house with a really nice good-sized garden, a biggish kitchen, a utility room, lounge and dining area (open plan) and a driveway. Over the past month or so I have done a lot of thinking about who is going to go where. One of the bedrooms is pink, so it made sense for Alara to go in there. The top bedroom is a loft-conversion with an ensuite bathroom with bath so I decided I want that room, even though there is limited wardrobe space in that room (I’m sure we can sort something out). The smallest bedroom I plan to make into my office (I can’t wait to have an actual office instead of a tiny desk in my living room) so that left the main bedroom (it’s currently the master bedroom for the people living there now) to be Joshua’s.

So we put in an offer, which was rejected, we put another offer in which was also rejected and finally they accepted our final offer. Everything is going through. We don’t have an offer in on my flat yet, although have had quite a few viewings. But because someone a bit further down the chain is buying off a property company, we have having to buy the house before selling my flat. I’m very lucky that my parents are able to do that. It isn’t idea but in a way it will be good as I won’t have to rush to move everything in one go (although obviously I want to move in as soon as I’m able). It also means that once I’ve moved, we can get the flat all clean and it will stay that way – it is a constant struggle trying to keep it tidy, especially when the kids are with me. They have actually been pretty good at tidying up after themselves, but there is always still more to do when they are here.

So now we are just waiting for a date for exchange and completion. We are thinking it will be around middle of July. I can’t wait! I will write more when things are moving along or when I’m moving.

Business is going well

Work is going well. I have 3 regular clients, 1 new adhoc client and 3 prospective new clients. I’ve had some great feedback from 2 of the 3 main clients and I have started getting systems in place – things like invoicing, tracking expenses and things like that.

I’ve now been doing this just over 2 months and I’m loving it. I love the freedom that working for myself gives me. If I want to take the afternoon off and do some shopping (when I can afford it), I can. If I want to get all my work done early and take Friday off, I can. If I need to take time off to go to an appointment for the children or go to a sports day or school play, I don’t have to ask anyone. I just let my clients know I won’t be available at that time.

I really don’t know why it took me so long to do this – well, actually I do – I always wanted to work for myself but I never knew what to do. This is perfect. It’s one of the reasons I went into admin in the first place. You can work in any industry, in any company. Everyone/every company needs admin. Even as tasks get automated, you still need people to run the automation and make changes. Another great thing about me doing this, rather than working in a standard admin role, is I can choose what services to offer. I always wanted to do something with social media and writing – and now I offer it as a service. I manage social media for 2 of my clients and I also do some writing work – rewriting Facebook pages, website copy, that kind of thing.

Life is going pretty well at the moment. Thank you for reading.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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