Things to look forward to

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future. Not the future where I end up in love and in a happy relationship. The future where I make the things that I want happen. The future where I live life how I want it. 

I’m looking forward to developing my new business as a virtual assistant. To increasing my prices (from June onwards), to getting more clients and getting to know what I enjoy doing most and doing more of it. 

I’m looking forward to buying a new house. Hopefully the above will put me in a position where I’ll be able to do that (that and my ex paying me back the rest of the money he owes me). I want a three bedroom house – or 4 if I can afford it as then I could have an office too – but at minimum I need a room for me and a room each for the children. I want a parking space and a sunny garden. 

I’ve stopped wishing for things and started making them happen or preparing the way so that they can happen. 

I feel so good about this. I feel like I am finally arriving. 

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