Book Review: This or That

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I was sent this book to review by GMC Distribution.











Slightly different colours and cover on my version:

When I was contacted by GMC to review a list of books, I particularly liked this one as I thought it would appeal to my son’s sense of humour. I wanted something for him as a lot of the things I’ve been asked to review recently have been more suitable to my daughter and I felt it was his turn!

I gave it to him to keep him occupied in the car when we went to Petersfield for a walk last week with my parents. He immediately loved it and started reading out the This or That options to us as we started the half hour journey to the park.

Here are some examples of the options – some are a bit gross (which can appeal to little boys as I’ve found out).

As you can see from the examples above, some of them are nice and cheeky and a bit yuck basically (technical term) and very suited to boys, but girls might also like this book. My daughter was laughing her head off in the car while listening to Joshua reading out all the examples.

If you want to buy this book, you can get it from Amazon – see link below (this is my amazon affiliates link – if you order through this link I’ll be very grateful as I get a little bit of the money – not much but every little helps, doesn’t it?)

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