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Thanks to Brit Mums I was entered into the Dolmio ThankGoodness Challenge. Which involved getting a delivery of food from Tesco and using it to make a traditional spaghetti bolognese (or something else of my choosing).

As I’m not the most confident cook, and because I have now made spaghetti bolognese quite a few times now (always making the source from scratch), I decided to go for the easier option – although I could quite easily have made a chilli or perhaps a Shepherd’s pie as there was a big bag of potatoes in the delivery. Here is what I got:

Before I continue to talk about and show what I made, here is some stuff about Dolmio – I was quite surprised as I just assumed it was full of sugar and additives:


You can also watch this short video from Dolmio:

So I chopped up some onions (although technically, I probably didn’t need to as the source has onions in it) and fried them until golden in the pan. Then I added the meat, cooking until browned. Then I added the source. And that was it! Done!

Cook up some pasta and serve with some parmesan on top and then you’re done! I am often on a strict budget so I will probably stick to using tinned tomatoes, but maybe occasionally I’ll treat myself to a jar as it really is very easy and very tasty!




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  1. You have made me hungry! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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