Book Review: Two Fat Cows by Nigel Tetley


Two Fat Cows by Nigel Tetley is an amusing story about two greedy cows called Marigold and Petal who had eaten all the grass in their part of the field. Hungry for more, they come up with a plan to get to the grassier side of their enclosure.

The story is told in rhyme, which flows easily throughout the tale – I have a particular fondness for rhyming stories and this one is very well done and reminds me of a few favourites that my parents used to read me as a child.

The illustrations are cute and colourful and my daughter, aged 6, enjoyed looking at the pictures.

“I felt the market needed a traditional-style, rhyming story that was also highly whimsical and witty,” explains Tetley. “I’ve spent my life as an educator mastering the art of engaging with young minds, making children’s books a natural progression. My last book, ‘When Bees Flew in for Breakfast’ was also a volume of rhyme that proved just how popular this bygone style can be in today’s market. Safe to say, Marigold and Petal rhyme their way through their captivating grass adventure!”

I was sent Two Fat Cows for free to review.

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