Great weekend, first day back at care work & update on Joshua issue

First of all, what a brilliant weekend. I was a little uncertain how I was going to feel at my friend’s 40th Birthday & Murder Mystery party. But I needn’t have worried. After a very stressful week last week, worrying about Joshua and generally feeling extremely tired and stressed, I messaged my friend, the one whose birthday it was, to say that I was knackered and hadn’t sorted out an outfit and did I really have to dress up…. and she sorted out an outfit for me (which consisted of an old shirt – I brought some paints with me and everyone chucked paint all over the shirt, with me in it, as my character was an artist). The place she had rented out was a fantastic setting for a murder mystery and a lovely house. I got a lift down with my friend Emma and when we got there we had a nice glass of wine (or two) and relaxed. I really enjoyed myself and I’m so glad I went. It was good to spend time with my friends Kirsty and Emma (who I have known since college – so about 20 years) and I also made some new friends!!

This morning I had a meeting with the school first thing about Joshua. My mum came with me for moral support, but really I didn’t need it (although I was still grateful that she was there). The head and other teachers were all lovely about the whole situation and have assured us that they will be keeping a closer eye on things. They’re also going to be emailing us to update us on how things are going at school – the good things as well as the bad. In fact, we already received our first update, although I didn’t read it until after I finished work today at 10pm. I’m also going to ring the doctors tomorrow morning and see if the referral has been made. So I feel slightly lighter and less concerned. I am of course still very worried about Joshua, but at least I know that the school are supportive and will be doing what they can. Hopefully, once the referral comes through we can see if he is on the ASD spectrum (although I know it won’t be a quick thing – it will take time). I am not expecting any easy fixes, but if he is on the spectrum we can get some help and advise on how to help Joshua. I just want my little boy to be happy. And he isn’t right now.

I worked this afternoon from 1pm until 10pm at a new place (not new but new to me) in Hindhead. Very different to the last place I was at. This was a learning difficulties place, but only has 4 residents so it was a lot less busy than the care home for the elderly that I was last at. I enjoyed my shift. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but it was a nice place and the staff were nice and friendly and most of the work was done in pairs, apart from feeding dinner which I feel fairly confident doing. Its just the personal care that I’m not 100% confident in doing by myself and I didn’t have to as that was done in pairs and the more experienced staff did most of it while I just supported. It was quite different from working in a busy care home with 20+ residents.

I got home and watched the Walking Dead and now I’m in bed. I don’t have any shifts for tomorrow. I did have a call from the agency at around 7pm (no phone service at the care home) but they didn’t leave a message so I assume they don’t need me to work in the morning.

My plan for tomorrow is to sleep until 9am (I think I deserve the rest) and then get up and do some jobs around the flat – laundry, washing up, filing paperwork. I’m sure the agency will ring me if they want me to work.

Good night then. xxx

Drawing by my lovely sister

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