A break from work and a long-weekend with the kids

It’s been great having the kids back. Not only did I miss them last week but its also nice not to be working. Care work is bloody hard work and while I love bits of it I’m grateful for the rest (as much as a rest as having 2 kids at home is).

It’s been nice. I’m trying to remember what we did on Friday and Saturday. Mostly we slobbed around and watched movies. I took them out to Pokemon hunt in the car (I was too tired for a walk Friday and Saturday and Alara was complaining of being tired so I decided to spend a bit of the petrol in my tank and go for a drive instead). The new Gen 2 Pokemon update had been released on Friday and Josh was itching to go out and catch some new Pokemon so I took a gentle drive around Farnham – a couple of times around Farnham town centre and also popped in on my sister in law (do I call her my ex sister in law… not sure). Josh was very pleased with how many Pokemon he’d caught and then we settled down and watched Home Alone – Alara wasn’t interested and took her tablet to her room to watch videos – it made a change for me and Josh to watch a movie together but he LOVED Home Alone and found it really funny which was really nice to see as he’s tricky where movies are concerned.

Today we watched another movie in the morning (Despicable Me 2) and then went out to a park in Farnham near the college where I studied. This park has a pirate ship type construction so is a favourite and our local park is being done up – which will be great when it’s finished.

Then I cooked spaghetti bolognese which is Joshua’s favourite and Alara even tried a little bit and liked it, although she didn’t want a whole plateful. Still, small victories and all that.

Another good thing is that I have £10 left of my food budget and £10 and some change left in my general spending budget so that can go into my savings jar when I get up in the morning.

Tomorrow is an inset day and we’re popping round to see my parents in the morning. Then next week I’ll be focussing on my journalism course. I’m nearly up to date on it. Just need to knuckle down and get on with it while the kids are at school.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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