Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day

A bit late I know!!!

A bit of advice for any single girls out there (bit late I know as, at time of writing, it is nearly 9pm).

This is a little something that I put together with the folks from Adore Me. I provided the advice and they put together the image. You can view their online selections here.

In all honesty, today, I have not even registered that it is Valentine’s Day.

I went to work today to do a 12 hour shift, but after a rather tricky go at showering someone, after which I felt like I was dripping with sweat, I went on my break and promptly burst into tears. I felt so awful. A combination of a cold that I’ve been battling for about a week and exhaustion. I ended up going home and going to bed. I then got up and my mum rang and asked me if I wanted to go to round for an early dinner. I said that I needed to go shopping but my mum said they had milk and cat food which were the main things that I needed for tonight/tomorrow and so I went round and had a very nice pizza dinner and some tea and now I’m back home watching Crocodile Dundee (had an urge to watch an oldie but goodie).

I didn’t get myself anything, although my mum put together a little vase of flowers and arranged them for me as she knows me well enough to know they would otherwise just be left in the sink until the following day, possibly longer. Tomorrow I will probably treat myself to some chocolates (there might be some deals on) and a bottle of wine or something.

Happy Valentines day to all the singles out there (I don’t need to wish the couples Happy Valentines day as you have someone to do that).


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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