Good days and bad days with kids

So, yesterday was a good day, I thought.

My parents came over and fitted the new shelving unit that my dad had built for me and my mum helped me tidy up the flat a bit.

Then we went to the toy shop as they both had about £3 each and I told them they could both buy something small (the truth is that Alara had less than £2 because she is never as helpful as Josh and I know I should probably have just left it but I topped it up so that she had nearly the same as Josh as otherwise I would have had a tantrum in the toy shop to deal with and there wouldn’t have been anything she could get with £2). As it was, I had to secretly pay more for her toy as I had thought it was under £3, but it was actually £3.99.

Then we went to the Range as I wanted to get some box files to put my paperwork in – they had a 3 for 2 offer which was perfect. I treated the kids to some chocolate coins that were on offer and we came back and put a movie on and ate chocolate and popcorn.

It was a nice, relaxing day and I didn’t feel particularly stressed. Apart from the evening when Joshua kept coming out of their room and they both weren’t asleep until nearly 10pm, by which point I was so tired I just went to bed and read my book for a bit before going to sleep.

Today has not been so good. I think its possibly more about how I’m feeling than about how the kids are, but I can’t be sure. They have generally both been quite argumentative. They wanted to use my nail varnish to paint some old plastic toys (I had let them do this yesterday and said they could do one more today but told them that this is the last time as I don’t want all my nail varnish used up) and I found myself watching (couldn’t leave them alone with it) and getting more and more stressed as I saw how much they were using and Alara knocked one bottle off the table and so I now have red nail varnish strewn across my kitchen floor which I will have to try to get up later.

I tried to get them to help unpack their school clothes (from the bag their dad sent over) but they wanted to both do it at the same time which ended up with them fighting and pushing each other.

Then I helped Josh with his homework which involved a role play game with dice and I didn’t think I had any dice in the house until I checked an old memorabilia box of mine which did indeed have a dice. So I sat with Josh reading the instructions but then had to nip into the kitchen to check on Alara who was just finishing off her nail-varnish painting, and by the time I came back in the living room Joshua had kicked the dice somewhere and it took me 10 minutes to find it again, which involved me getting very annoyed with Joshua for not being more careful when all I was trying to do was help him with his homework – I think I said something like “now you can go to school with no homework and get into trouble”. Something like that.

Then Joshua kept saying he’s bored and can we go out to hunt Pokemon and I really don’t want to but I feel bad for not really doing much with them (although yesterday taking them to the toy shop and then having a movie afternoon is not exactly NOT doing anything with them). I have a friend due round any minute to pick something up so I told him not yet – in half an hour or so, but that prompted a stroppy Josh which I ended up just walking away from as I’m just fed up of today and them and how I’m feeling.

I know I have good days and I do take them places and do things but maybe I’m just knackered from last week and all the care work I did. I just wanted a chilled weekend not doing much. Was that too much to expect from a 6 and an 8 year old? Maybe.

I guess in a way I wanted to document today as there are so many blogs out there that only seem to show life and kids through rose-tinted glasses. I’m not by any means saying that I don’t have good days – I most definitely do, but today so far hasn’t been one of them!

One Thought on “Good days and bad days with kids

  1. I had a good day yesterday. Charlotte was very well behaved. Think she’s getting hormonal as she’s been a right stroppy cowbag of late. But I’m pretty sure my low mood is rubbing off on her. Johnny attempted to go to his Grandads (his anxiety is very bad right now) he lasted an hour then had a huge panic attack as they wouldn’t bring him straight home and I was unable to go and get him right away. But he wasn’t to bad when he got home. When he’s with me he isn’t to bad but needs constant reassurance that I love him and I’m not disappointed with him. Some days I find it very wearing which makes me feel incredibly guilty as he can’t help it. He has hardly been to school in 2 months because of all the family issues we’ve been through in the last year. School however have been amazing with him. Hoping he goes for an hour tomorrow as school would like him to try just for the hour a day so he can’t get over the issues he has with being away from me. Sorry for rambling on. Xx

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