Fab but gruelling week training

I’ve been training this week to become a care assistant. It’s been really great. I met some really nice people and learned some really interesting stuff – including First Aid (CPR and putting someone in the recovery position).

But I’ve also found it really exhausting. Not so much the training itself – although I suppose it is hard work when you are learning something new – but getting the kids read early again (made me realise there is NO WAY I’m going back to full time 9-5 work like I was doing before) and getting there, parking, walking to the agency where the training was being held, back again after training and sorting the kids out in the evening.

Joshua’s not been sleeping well and so has been coming in every half hour or so some nights until 9.30pm which is exhausting in itself because I can’t fully switch off until they’re both asleep. I’ve tried to do some studying (journalism course) this week but actually only managed to do about an hour’s reading while I was in the bath on Tuesday night, so I will need to catch up this weekend and next week.

I start my first session (an unpaid “shadowing” session) tomorrow afternoon from 4-8pm and after that I should be able to do paid shifts. I’m keen to get working but at the same time, I kind of hope they don’t have anything for me until at least Sunday as it would be really nice to have one day off before I get cracking.

I picked up my uniform at the agency and then after training finished today I went to Primark and got myself some shoes (needed special black nurse’s style shoes), some black trousers, white vests (for underneath my tunic, white socks (the kind that aren’t visible under your shoes). I also got some other bits as I’m really low on clothes that fit me. I’ve been wearing the same hoody and jumper for weeks (I wash them both regularly!!!) so I treated myself to a couple of nice jumpers, a couple of pairs of leggings and a t-shirt. It didn’t exactly break the bank and I’ve been so frugal lately it was nice to treat myself.

I’m pretty excited about this. I think I’m going to like caring.

Edit: I’ve also got a huge amount of emails (blog related and personal to do). So much to do, no energy with which to do it!!!

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  1. Roy Denney on January 27, 2017 at 10:30 said:

    You can come and care for me anytime lol……(I need another operation on my hand this will be number 4) ……

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