Making ends meet

I’m a little worried.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I applied for a job as a support worker. There seemed to be very little in the way of part time admin roles and I thought a change would be good. I’m looking forward to it. I have training next week – Monday to Thursday – before I can start work.

I made the mistake of putting the basic hourly rate of the Support worker into The Salary Calculator to try to work out how many hours I would need to work in order to bring in what I need to pay the bills. I need £1500 per month in order to cover everything – that’s including food and a small amount of spending money for me (although if needed I could probably cut down on this). If I worked a 37.5 hour week, I would bring in 1,092.68. But the whole point of this is to be able to work around the kids and to be able to do my writing in between. I do get some benefits – child benefit, child tax credits and job seeker’s allowance (until I start working that is) and currently that brings in £530.25. 

I won’t be getting job seeker’s when I start work but I should get more child tax credits. I only get about £100 a month at the moment and I’m not sure if that is correct. They seem to have based in on a average salary of £29,000 for the current tax year. So I need to ring them next week to find out if that’s right. If I could get more it would help.

I do of course have a small amount coming in from sponsored posts. I had two this week which is great. But I can’t rely on that coming in every week – although it does of course help.

I’m being super frugal and putting everything I get aside. I’ve sold quite a few bits and bobs and have put all that in a jar. Although I spotted a TV table on Facebook for £15 but that’s about all I’m spending on anything this month.

The thing is that until I start doing this Support Worker role I won’t know how many hours I can get. The base rate is £7.50 but the rate increases for nights, for Satuday daytime, for Sunday nights, and for public holidays. Public holiday nights is the highest rate at £14.50. If I could get some weekend and night shifts I might be able to make more.

I guess I will just have to work my arse off doing this Journalism course (so far so good) and take all the advice it gives so I can earn a living from writing. Others have done it, so why shouldn’t I?

5 Thoughts on “Making ends meet

  1. Will you be able to claim working tax credit when you start working Hun? Xx

  2. Wishing you the best of luck!
    Have you had a look on the Turn To Us or Entitled to website and used their Benefits Calculators. They are pretty accurate and will give you an idea of how much child & working tax credits you will get, plus anything else you can claim 😀 x

  3. Good luck. I hope all works out. Remember to take care of yourself. Pen x #weekendblogshare

  4. Good luck with it all. Remember that if you earn from sponsored posts, you need to declare it as it will affect your tax credits etc. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

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