A weekend without tablets

Thought I’d do a little update of how I went with the no-tablet weekend.

Friday evening I said the kids could have a “sleep over” in their room. The reason for this was that Joshua had been feeling a bit lonely as Alara has been sleeping in my bed most nights. So I persuaded Alara to sleep in their bedroom in Joshua’s top bunk and we’d make it like a sleep over. I’d even make them a “Midnight Feast” at 8pm. They loved it and while it meant a rather disturbed evening for me, with getting up every 10 minutes or so, it was great fun for them.

So, Saturday morning, the kids got up and put the TV on and chilled in front of the TV, doing drawing at the same time and I went back to bed. Until I woke up at 11!!! So much for the screen time and doing fun things together. I did not intend to sleep so long and felt terribly guilty for being so lazy! They had even helped themselves to breakfast – something which I’m kind of pleased about as they are getting more and more independent.

Once I got up, I realised that they had used nearly all the milk up (we were running low anyway) so I managed to bribe them into getting dressed so we could go out and do a shop. I was not feeling very good. Very groggy and tired. I’m not sure if it was too much sleep or too little. I’ve also being doing dry January so keep thinking that I should start to feel brighter in the mornings. Another thing worth mentioning is that I had tried to reduce my medication in an effort to make me feel better in the mornings, but it seemed to have the opposite effect so I have since gone back to my normal dose. Maybe now isn’t the time to start tinkering.

So we went to the shops and bought bread and milk and other stuff and then came home and I tidied the kitchen and then got the modelling clay out. I had bought it at Pound Land for the princely sum of £2 for two packets and the kids had good fun making lots of pokemon models. So at least we did one productive thing that Saturday.

Then later in the afternoon, I put a movie on and we all sat and watched Finding Dory which I had got as a free gift from Sky.

That was pretty much Saturday.

On Sunday, we went for a Pokemon hunting walk, made thank you cards for my sister & her husband and that was about it.

So, in future, I think I will get the tablets after all. As a friend said to me recently, “you are too hard on yourself”. What is the issue if the kids have their tablets for a few hours in the morning as long as we do other, non-screen related things in the rest of the day, including creative stuff, going out and about (even if it is to catch Pokemon) and generally have a good time.

Have you tried to go cold-turkey where screens and devices are concerned? How did you find it? I’d be interested to know, so do let me know in the comments.


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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