Keeping the kids warm and dry this winter

This is a sponsored post, but it is all my own words and thoughts! 

With the cold weather closing in, many of us will be inclined to close the curtains, put the heating on and shut out the cold. I know I certainly do.

However, with the shorter days and longer nights, it’s important to get some fresh air and sunlight, as much as there is at this time of year (It’s especially important to keep warm and cozy if, like me, you suffer from mental health problems like depression). If you have kids, you will no doubt feel the need to get them out of the house and let them burn off some of the energy that they seem to have an abundance of.

So what are the best ways of keeping your kids warm and dry this winter?

Get a good coat

Whether for every day use or a walk out in cold/wet weather, it’s important to get a decent winter coat for your kids. This needs to be both warm and waterproof as even if you don’t like to brave wet weather with your kids, you might still get stuck at the school gates or doing some shopping.


I don’t know about you but I am TERRIBLE at remembering to wear a scarf or hat when I go out. I at least have the forethought to keep a pair of glove/mittens in my coat pocket.

For the kids, it is worth having a couple of sets of these items. I don’t know about yours, but my kids are notoriously bad at remembering to bring home their hats, scarves and gloves. I should really buy the kids their own sets for when they are with me, so then they will always have spares. The kids are also great at losing gloves so I end up with three odd gloves with no matching pair. Which is very frustrating!


Wellies are a great idea as, even if you don’t go out when it’s raining, if you are going for a long walk somewhere, it could well be muddy from rainfall from the day before. You can spend a lot on expensive wellies, but I’ve found ones from Matalan or Primark work just as well – money is always a concern when they are likely to get one season’s use out of them and then need to buy new ones the following winter.

Wet Weather gear

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, there will always be times when you are going to end up out in the old in wet weather. I’m thinking Bonfire night, festivals, that kind of thing. In fact, any long day out you run the risk of getting wet. So its always good to invest in a set of waterproofs for your kids. You can get All In Ones which are good but can be a bit of a pain to get them out of when they need the toilet. So if you think this might be a problem, you can get separate trousers and jackets which are great for muddy afternoons, these can be quite pricey, so it is important to look into sites like Dry Kids who offer sets for reasonable prices. The waterproof trousers are also great because if you pull them down over their wellies, you can stop the rain from running down the boots into their socks, which can happen if they are just in normal trousers and wellies.

So that’s it from me on keeping warm and dry in winter. I hope this has been helpful.


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