Getting Focussed

Yesterday was a particularly unfocussed day. I felt like I achieved nothing (although I did go to see the Citizens Advice Bureau and meet my best friend for coffee and some shopping). By the evening, my head was fizzing out of control with all the things I have to do.

I had written list after list of all the things I needed to do. Some split by subject, some split by when I had to do them but none of them were helping me get focussed.
















I even tried doing a bit of brainstorming:

I have so many priorities to think about:

  • Money
    • Finding part time work
    • Reducing my bills
    • Looking at benefits
  • Writing
    • Studying the new course that I’ve just signed up for
    • Finding paid work
    • Blog – improving my following
  • House
  • Kids

But I lost interest pretty much as soon as I did the above diagram. I think I needed a bigger piece of paper.

Then I was chatting with my friend Jon and he told me to write down on paper hourly slots from when I get back from dropping the kids off right up until they get dropped home tonight by their grandparents. So this is what I did. Together, we brainstormed what I saw as my priorities for the day, starting with something gentle I could do in the last slot so I’m rested when the kids got home, then looking at the top priority to do at 9.30am and then filling in the gaps in between.

It really helped me to focus on what needed doing and how much time I had in which to do it. I normally work with lists and checkboxes. Or I stick stuff in my Google Calendar, but having that time schedule on my desk next to me this morning really helped me to stay focussed. In fact, I was so productive I ended up doing things early, so I ended up with a couple of hours to kill. I took a break to watch some TV and did my washing folding while I was doing that (so that leaves me another hour free at 4.30pm) and then I went and did some shopping (something I knew I needed to do but hadn’t factored in.














I’ve also rung up my local pub (well, the one that was our local for years but is a lovely pub and I know the landlord/owner) to enquire about some shifts.

So today has been well and truly productive and I’m feeling good. I’m now off to ring some agencies to enquire about part time work.


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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