The Death of my Marriage

I’ve just got back from a writing group that I found in a local internet search. It was very interesting.

This is something I wrote there:

My marriage died and I am in mourning
Once it breathed and lived but then
One day, it took its last laboured breath,
shuddered and passed into the next life
My husband has married someone new
The shock of this, even though it wasn’t a shock
Felt like a bulldozer crashing through all the
Walls and furniture that was our marriage
It is like our wedding day never happened
It is like someone cast a spell and made it disappear
The pain of knowing that something was there
And now it isn’t, catches at me sometimes
I lost the diamond from my engagement ring
A couple of months before the split
I look at the lack of ring on my finger
And sometimes I wonder what the ring looks like
On her finger
I wonder if she was as happy on her wedding day
As I was on mine
I wonder if her father was as proud of her
As my father was
I ache that I wasn’t there with my two children
On such a momentous memorable day
But of course I know I couldn’t have been
Even if I was invited
My marriage died and I am in mourning
but it won’t be forever.

2 Thoughts on “The Death of my Marriage

  1. Carol Keenan on November 30, 2016 at 06:50 said:

    Beautifully written it bought tears to my eyes you certainly have a talent for writing so keep going. Believe you will come out the other side and are not alone. Although I have not met you I think of you as my friend in need of plenty of hugs and support and it is a privilege to be there for you, hope this gets to you as my computer skills are rubbish!

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