Great weekend but Monday blues

What a fantastic weekend. I went up to stay with my sister Friday night. I got there are around 9.15pm. So had a couple of glasses of wine with her and her husband while we watched a couple of episodes of Grimm. Then Saturday morning we went into Stroud to do some shopping and have a coffee. Then myself and my sister’s friend (where I was staying saturday night) went back to her place where we watched a movie and chilled before getting ready for the party. The party itself was great fun. I had made a playlist with my sister in the afternoon, so we put that on but as the evening went on, my sister kept deciding what the next song was going to be. I should just have been the DJ behind a desk!!! It was great fun though. Lots of dancing and singing along to the music was done. I left my sister’s friend’s house around 12 and went round to drop off some stuff round to my sister’s house before heading home via Tesco to pick up some comfort food. So Yesterday afternoon I spent watching TV/movies and eating olives and pizza and crisps (very bad I know but its not often that I treat myself to naughty food).

Today is a different matter. I have tried to stay positive, to stay calm, but for some reason I am feeling very tired and very emotional. I tried using the Headspace app that I was telling you about. And that has worked to a certain extent but it doesn’t seem to last. What are the things that are on my mind at the moment?

  • Being alone – my ex’s impending wedding has made my single-ness ever more pronounced. I worry that I will be on my own forever. That I’ll die alone. That I’ll never find the right person. Or that I’ll pass up a good person because of a feeling that they aren’t “the one”
  • Putting on weight – I know I shouldn’t make a big deal about this. I’m not that big and there are others bigger than me, but I am unsure what clothes fit me, I’m struggling to find tops to wear for work so end up wearing baggy t-shirts or ones that aren’t quite big enough and end up feeling really uncomfortable and unstylish.

Didn’t get round to finishing this so will post it anyway. 

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  1. Stop looking and it will find you……

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